Bioinformatics 101 to be broadcast live on Zoom!

The Bioinformatics 101 Seminar Series starts this week!  This year we will be providing live online access to the seminars via the Zoom conferencing system available here at VCU.  Additionally, lectures will be recorded for later viewing.  If you are working towards the certificate you must attend the sessions in person or view them live via Zoom for it to count as having attended.  Login … Continue reading Bioinformatics 101 to be broadcast live on Zoom!

The Data Refinery from the Childhood Cancer Data Lab

This is a potentially new resource for access to and analysis of childhood cancer data.  The Data Refinery at CCDL is supported through Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Presently, NIH’s Genomic Data Commons offers access to TARGET pediatric cancer data, but has limited analysis tools and features.  The Data Refinery aims to integrate and harmonize large scale data sets, including publicly available data such as that from … Continue reading The Data Refinery from the Childhood Cancer Data Lab

Bioinformatics 101 Seminar Series Fall 2017 – Registration Open!

  The C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR), is excited to bring back the Bioinformatics 101 Seminar Series!  This series introduces attendees to genomic bioinformatics concepts and applications, including the technology behind genomic high-throughput data, high-throughput sequencing analyses, and more. This year we will also discuss clinical and translational bioinformatics, their role in precision medicine, and will introduce a … Continue reading Bioinformatics 101 Seminar Series Fall 2017 – Registration Open!

SciLifeLab Metagenomics Workshop Docs

Came across this workshop material from 2014 on Metagenomics that give an introduction to metagenomic analyses, including metagenome assembly, comparative functional analysis, comparative taxonomic analysis, metagenomic binning and metagenomic annotation.  The tools have most likely been updated since the workshop, but it looks like a good place to branch out from if you are just starting in this area. SciLifeLab Metagenomics Workshop Continue reading SciLifeLab Metagenomics Workshop Docs

UALCAN – new TCGA analysis web-base tool

UALCAN is a new web-base tool to analyze TCGA gene expression data.  It includes gene expression heat maps, survival plots, and more for 31 TCGA cancer types. Note: UALCAN uses legacy TCGA data that has not been harmonized by GDC. Chandrashekar DS, Bashel B, Balasubramanya SAH, Creighton CJ, Ponce-Rodriguez I, Chakravarthi BVSK, Varambally S. (2017) UALCAN: A Portal for Facilitating Tumor Subgroup Gene Expression and … Continue reading UALCAN – new TCGA analysis web-base tool

GDC Releases DAVE Tools

The following is an email from the GDC Team: Dear GDC Users, The GDC has just completed a major upgrade and has released a new integrated set of tools focused on Data Analysis, Visualization, and Exploration (DAVE).  These tools are designed to make GDC data more accessible, limit the need to download data prior to analysis, and provide more granular access to results by allowing … Continue reading GDC Releases DAVE Tools