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Is the Appalachian Trail Getting Too Crowded?

As more and more people have set out to hike the AT, concerns have emerged about the trail’s sustainability.

Island May Vanish Under Rising Seas

Tangier Island represents a way of life that has otherwise disappeared. Scientists say that soon, the island itself will disappear as sea levels rise.

Helping Addicts Recover as Opioid Deaths Soar

About 60 percent of the McShin Foundation's clients are addicted to opioids – a reflection of the epidemic sweeping Virginia.

Virginia Provides Model for Testing Rape Kits

More than 140,000 untested rape evidence kits are collecting dust in crime labs throughout the country.

Fire on the Mountain

Rural residents say the area’s beauty is threatened by plans to run a natural gas pipeline through the western part of Virginia.

School Discipline Falls Harder on Some Students

Black students were at least three times as likely as white students to be suspended or expelled from school.

A Shameful Chapter in Virginia History: Lynchings

Between 1877 and 1950, there were 4,075 “racial terror lynchings” in the region, including about 90 in Virginia.

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