Carlton Goode

Carlton Goode

I am currently a doctorate student at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU.) and is working as the Coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Affairs at VCU where I oversee The Men of Color Initiative. The focus of the initiative is to retain and graduate men of color from the University. I teach two courses for men of color at VCU titled "Dynamic Principles for Professional Development" and "Principles of Diverse Community Leaders." I also oversee the co-curricular initiative for men of color titled “Developing Men of Color (DMC.) DMC is a co-curricular the Men of Color initiative. The goal is to build a community among men of color on the VCU campus.
I am also the co-founder of B.A.A.M (Building African American Males). With BAAM, along with three colleagues, we travel the East Coast teaching and lecturing on professional development for men of color in college. Carlton was recognized regionally and nationally for his work on the retention for Men of Color in college.

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    Degree program: Ed.D.
    Graduation year: 2022

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