Other Connected Learning Tools

Here, one more time, is what a VCU Connected Learning ecosystem might look like.

 Students contribute and share by writing posts on their ePortfolios. Those posts, through the magic of syndication (RSS, for the technically inclined), are aggregated into a hub (this site that you are on now, actually). The hub becomes a space for conversation as students comment on each others’ posts.

The hub is also a distribution center as, again through the magic of syndication, posts are automatically sent to a departmental Facebook group. New posts aggregated to the hub are also automatically broadcast out through the departmental Twitter account. And, should one need other options, anyone can subscribe (by email or RSS reader) to the hub and have email notifications of new posts sent.

Social bookmarking is another way students can share and contribute to their colleagues’ learning. Diigo is one popular social bookmarking platform. Anyone who joins the VCU Educational Leadership Diigo group can “bookmark” any article or any media on the Web and share it with other members of the group. Group members will be alerted to new bookmarks by other group members, and those notifications can come instantly, daily, or weekly. So, if you happen across an interesting leadership-related article or report or video… bookmark it and share!

Still not sure what all of this looks like in action? Maybe a narrative tale will help.