VCU Entry-Level OTD Observation Opportunities

Observation hours are designed to provide you with opportunities to discover what occupational therapy is, as well as learn about the breadth and depth of the profession. Information gained from these hours helps you to demonstrate this knowledge in your Personal Statement. We know that COVID-19 has impacted the ability to access clinical sites to complete observation, shadowing, and internship hours.  Applicants should continue to grow their knowledge of the profession.  In order to help applicants achieve this we are modifying the hours required to 10 hours.

We ask that you devote 10 hours of your time to exploring the profession of Occupational Therapy.  This could be by exploring websites/social media sites, listening to a podcast, or interviewing an OT practitioner.  You can also spend time learning about the disability experience through a personal experience that you have had with a person with a disability, viewing a movie, or reading a book. The possibilities are endless!

We ask that choose at least three (3) different activities, log your hours and write a 2-3 sentence reflection on what you learned, using this form.  Only one (1) activity can be related to the disability experience (personal experience, movie, or book).  You will then upload this form to OTCAS, to be submitted with your application.

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