Final Exam Format

Hello online genetics!  This morning I spent a bit of time talking to the lecture class about the format of the final exam.  This last exam is optional for you.  If you like your current grade or feel you couldn’t bring your grade up, then have a great summer.  However, if you are going to take it, here are a few comments:

  1. It is comprehensive, covering all chapters we touched on.
  2. I took the content and tried to derive the most salient and important components from each chapter and put them into the exam.
  3. There is a page for each chapter with 4-5 questions on it—some multiple choice, some have T/F, and most have one free response question.
  4. Overall, this exam is roughly the same length as the others, has 41 points assessed on 29 questions.  I don’t anticipate it taking the whole 2.5 hours.
  5. If you do better on this exam (percentage-wise) I will use it to replace your lowest exam score.

I will be in most of tomorrow as well if you want to pop by and have questions about content or other material.

Next Steps

Interested in making a career out of your newly ignited passion for genetics?  Look no further than the hallowed halls of this revered institution for the most worthwhile application of your freshly acquired knowledge:


(If this reference eludes you, we’re probably not going to be friends.  Hint:  The latest sequel is due out June 12, 2015!!!)

Homework Reminder

Just a reminder.  I’ll be posting the homework answers at noon on Wednesday 22 April. Make sure you have shared your answers with me before then.  The third exam is 8am on Thursday.  Bring your calculator!

I will grade these and have your standing exam grade sent to you within 24 hours so you can decide if you want to take the final or not.  I take the top 3 exam grades so if you are happy with your grade, we are done.