LinkedIn profiles | Fall 2018

All students in MASC 101-001 and 101-002 were required to create a LinkedIn profile — their own personal PR (public relations). We have a lot of accomplished people in our class, including:

¶ military veterans like Brandon Baldwin (who served in the Coast Guard) and Vidal Gonzalez (who served in the Marines and whose skills range from Military Operations and Weapons & Tactics Instruction to Web Development, Graphic Design and Soccer)

¶ student athletes like Anna Koniencki (women’s lacrosse), Austin Conway (track and field), and basketball star Sean Mobley (who saved the day when the Rams beat Hofstra in overtime Saturday night).

¶ entrepreneurs like Elijah Bell (co-owner of Rerun Vintage Clothing); Anna Lillis (the marketing and event coordinator for The Broadberry Entertainment Group); and Devin Bethea (who is not only on the men’s track and field team but also a stock trader with own website,

¶ writers, artists and performers such as Samantha McInnis (who is working on a graphic novel, “Neveea,” as well as an animated cartoon); Amari Cummings (who performs with Theatre VCU and in Richmond community theater); Carlos Lopez (who writes for Urban Views Weekly and Ink magazine and co-hosts a podcast); Jovon Griffith (who won first prize at the 2018 NOVA Student Art Exhibition); Anhhuy Nguyen (who is both a software developer intern and a dancer and choreographer for Blank Canvas, a dance team at VCU); and Quentin Rice (who plays drums with the Peppas).

We have students who speak multiple languages (Sabah Munshi had the record with five, including Hindi and Arabic) and students from all over the world: Chaeyeun Ahn from Korea; Qianyun Qi and Jiayuan You from China; and Ada Romano and Elena Avendano, both originally from El Salvador.

Most members of the class work besides going to school, and many of them do volunteer work as well: Elda Abraham is an intern for Ronald McDonald House of Charities; Irina Benson is a volunteer dog handler and has interned at the Smithsonian in D.C.; Alexis Bolivar will be an intern for a state senator in the spring; Corene Cantwell did a service trip to Guatemala with Nursing Students Without Borders; Mosi Jones ran a student organization called Nonpartisan Americans for Cooperative Politics; Jennifer Kater volunteered at a summer camp teaching young girls how to canoe and kayak; Carrie Minor volunteers at The Doorways, a hospitality home for patients and families of MCV Hospital; Erica Perez Escobar is a volunteer with Project Sunshine, which helps hospitalized children; McKenzie Pickett is an intern for Virginia Victim Assistance Network; Reagan Carriker worked with underprivileged children in Cambodia for a year; Aisyah Setiawan does volunteer work with Art for the Journey, which works with children; Jacqueline Steibly does volunteer work with Health Brigade, formerly the Fan Free Clinic; and Matt Tessema mentors high school students.

Here are the LinkedIn profiles for (almost) everybody in our class.

Name URL
Ryan Abi Jaber
Elda Abraham
Eduardo Acevedo
Chaeyeun Ahn
Fuad Ali
Azia Alvarez
Sreypech An 
Ellaiza Antonio
Jack Arsenault
Sohraab Assefi
Hannah Atanacio
Elena Avendano
Tatyana Bailey
Brandon Baldwin
Christina Banks
Quinn Barcenas
Rudi Baron
Ryan Batik
Kayleigh Beadles
Gillian Belfiore
Elijah Bell
Irina Benson
Salma Benyahya
Devin Bethea
Katherine Beyer
Eric Billeter
Alexis Bolivar
Janiyah Borges
Robin Bouweiri
Cameron Bowden
Rashi Branche
Ella Bronaugh
Ericca Brooks
Bailey Browning
Julia Brown–Brown/
Azriah Bryant
John Burns
Benjamin Buttram
Rodney Cannon
Corene Cantwell
Stephen Carter
Sophie Chehab
Porsia Childs
Benson Chiu
Michelle Chiu
Rafid Chowdhury
Melanie Chow
William Cho
Ciara Hunter
Zachary Claud
Riley Cline
Austin Conway
Evan Cox
Amari Cummings
Emma Curley
Keri Cuthriell
William Daniels
Thomas Davis
Mckenna Day
Anna Debald
Porter Deckelman
Daniel de la Pointe
Malik Dillard
Grace Dines
Chloe Divers
Hannah Dockery
Elizabeth Dozier
Brian Duffy
Julia Dugger
Mary Dullas
Emily Duong
Maya Dupree
Jada Evans
John Falamoun
Joseph Falcon
Evan Farmer
Brooke Fleming
Makayla Fox
Caroline Frye
Sonnet Garcia
Tavia Gatanas
Jordan Glass
Vidal Gonzalez
Joshua Gordon
Autumn Green
Camryn Green
Haley Greene
Elijah Greer
Jovon Griffith
Cheena Gupta
Ziad Haboush
Kaitlyn Harrison
Te-Von Harrison
Chloe Hawkins
Tyra Hedgepeth
Jinxin He
Adellisa Hodzic
Max Holmes Foster
Samuel Hooper
Kristina Houghton
Alexandria Jackson
Jaleel Jackson
Thomas Jakob
Emma James
Joseph Joyner
Claire Johnson
Danielle Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Brianna Jones
Mosi Jones
Alexis Judd
Hannah Kater
Jennifer Kater
Ruby Knerr
Anna Koniencki
Shannon Kronstein
Brandon Lee
Jordan Lee
Cameron Leonard
Tatiana Lewis
Anna Lillis
Xiaofei Li
Carlos Lopez
Isabel Lunato
Katherine Lutz
Lauren Malazarte
Brittany Manning
Ashley Martin
Cassidy Martin
Andrea Martinez Gonzalez
Kaelyn Mazyck
Xavier Jennings
Kara McCormick
Samantha McInnis
Alexa McNeil
Caroline Melamed
Kimberly Melfie
Sofia Melo
Angel Minor
Carrie Minor
Melissa Miranda
Sean Mobley
Sean Moeller
Mauricio Monje
Mariela Monterrosa Rodriguez
Donesha Morina
Sarah Mosher
Sabah Munshi
Thomas Myers
Ndidi Ndubueze
William Newhouse
Anhhuy Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen
Melody Nguyen
Alyssa Noegel
Nicole Nohra
Lemah Nouh
Ron Olazo
Maeve Oliver
Katelyn O’Neal
Robert O’Neal
Fatima Osborne
Willem Oystese
Thida Pathammavong
Victoria Patterson
Claudia Perez
Erica Perez Escobar
Tiffani Perry
Samuel Pettit
McKenzie Pickett
Arian Poshka
Cody Powers
Jishnu Purihella
Hee Pyo
Qianyun Qi
Darren Quante
Amanda Raaft
Caitlin Radden
Elisha Ralph
Lindsey Ramos
Rachel Randall
Grace Ray
Emma Reed
Jacob Reed
Quentin Rice
Andrew Ringle
Ada Romano
Casandra Romero
Shanice Rose
Reagan Carriker
Andrew Rusher
Jocelyn Ryan
Bailey Sachs
Ayanna Santana
Seth Savine
Aisyah Setiawan
Aaron Shah
Selena Shaw
Jaylen Shird
Akrit Shukla
Elisa Slaton
Marlo Smith
Rodrigo Smith
Sydney Smith
Marquell Speight
Victoria Spruill
Jacqueline Steibly
Breyana Stewart
Mason Stigall
James Stover
Grant Stubenhofer
Tzu-Yu Tang
Devin Tardy
Hayden Taylor
Tell Carlson
Sheden Tesfaldet
Matthews Tessema
Gabriel Thacker
Namrata Thawrani
Abbie Thorne
Karin Turner
Liselle Villanueva
Nhi Vu
Haylee Waldrond
Christian Walters
Claire Wang
Joshua West
Jaylynne West
Warren Wheat
Jainara White
Bria Wilbon
Jailyn Williams
Tre Williams
Tanner Winters
Reigan Wright
Chendong Xu
Xindi Yao
Helena Yared
Jiayuan You
Anna Younes
Bassel Zeineddine
Mikala Zelalem

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