LinkedIn profiles | Spring 2020

All students in my MASC 101 sections were required to create a LinkedIn profile — their own personal PR (public relations). We have a lot of accomplished people in our class, including:

♠ military veterans like Kyle Kimmel (who earned five medals and an award in the Army)

♣ creative people like Carson Brooke, who produced a film that won first place in comedy at the Arlington Film Festival; Kylee Downie, an award-winning actress; Jordan Reinecke, who plays with the band Hollywood Cemetery (and linked from his profile to the band’s music); Barrett Miller, who created and hosts a YouTube talk show called A Lemon Squeeze; and Keegan Garant and River Cowan, who do sketch comedy with a troupe called Blue Collard Greens.

♥ students committed to public service like Priscilla Agyepong, who has been interning this semester with a state senator; Jed Baul, who started a group to curb gun violence; James Figliola, who interned with the secretary of the U.S. Senate; Ana Ron, who volunteers at FeedMore and at Grove House (which serves women who were previously incarcerated); Erin O’Donnell, who has volunteered with Relay for Life, animal shelters, Ram Pantry and a group that fights human trafficking; and Jefry Manrique, who noted in his profile, “My fraternity and I raised approximately $15,000 for our philanthropy in the course of a year. It was difficult due to being on a college campus but luckily parents and student donations made a difference in our community.”

♦ student-athletes like Austin Graham and Alyssa Tallent (soccer) and Jaekob Vollbrecht (shot put). Track and field star Janae Blakeney, who has been honored by a resolution passed by the Virginia House of Delegates, worked her long-jump skills into her headline: “If you don’t jump, you will never fly.”

Effective profiles draw connections between school and extracurricular activities. Soccer player Yugo Suzuki did that by stating, “As a Division 1 athlete, it has taught me the life skills of time management and holding my peers accountable.” And Savannah Slack, a lacrosse player and fashion merchandising major, stated, “I love combining my love for sports with my passion for fashion. I aspire to be a force in the fashion industry focusing on athletic wear.” Humility is important, too. Basketball star Mike’L Simms didn’t talk about scoring the winning points at the buzzer; instead, he wrote, “I will be the first in my family with a college degree.”

We have students who speak multiple languages like Nguyen Nguyen (French and Vietnamese), Haikal Ahmad Nazri (French and Malay), Sohail Nowroozi (Persian and Spanish), Katerina Bagatska (German, Russian and Ukrainian) and Nayab Khan (Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu). Iman Mekonen, editor of the Spectrum arts and culture section of The Commonwealth Times, speaks Amharic, Arabic and Spanish. And Mridula Kalluru knows French, Telugu — and Python! (That last one is a computer language.)

We have students who have lived all over the world: Serissa Lafland has taught English as a Second Language in Cambodia and Switzerland, for example; and Caitlyn Michalski has done volunteer work building schools in Haiti.

Service to others was a big theme in a lot of your LinkedIn profiles. Cassie Allen has been an officer in the Leo Club, the youth affiliate of the Lions Club; Gabrielle Knight works with Girls on the Run of Northern Virginia; Amy Truong has volunteered at a homeless shelter with the Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association in San Bernardino, California; and Micaela Mendoza volunteers with Ram Pantry, Red Door Ministry and the Key Club.

Another theme was how hard students work. Almost everybody in the class has a job — or three. (A lot of them sound interesting. Rebecca Bailey has been a lifeguard at Disneyworld.)

I was impressed by how students used their LinkedIn profiles to document their professional skills and real-world work. You proved that VCU’s slogan — make it real — isn’t just fried air. Brandon Ranly has had a YouTube channel since age 12; Daniel Brickhouse has written for Ink magazine and RVA Mag; Brianna Cappelli, a VCU cheerleader, linked to her art portfolio and animations she has created. Michala Wildman linked to a video she created about tattoos and emotional well being.

If you’re early in your academic career, link to work you did in UNIV 200 or other classes. That’s what Ty ClintonChloe LandryAbigail Ports and Lauren Spiers did. Several students, including Brandon Yat and Malcolm Simien, linked to the banned books videos they produced for MASC 101. Malcolm also linked to his Instagram art. Bethsabe Escalante-bravo linked to her personal website.

Several students linked to portfolios (like Massayan Jallah, Darren Johnson,  ChaeRheen Kim,  Christina Sande,  Christian Slater and Jalen Terry), to blogs (Deja Corprew and Casey Velasquez) and to other projects (including a film Leilani Curran directed last year, Rumon Tebyanian’s sports report and Armond Mohsenin’s animated film).

Here are the LinkedIn profiles for (almost) everybody in our class.

Name URL
Madison Abed
Jordan Adams
Priscilla Agyepong
Haikal Ahmad Nazri
Yaba Ahounou
Syeda Ahsan
Timothy Akinola
Haley Alderman
Noora Alqahtani
Cassie Allen
Michael Ambrose
Nabia Ansari
Dominique Antunes Couto
Magdalena Astruc
Sabine Awad
Katerina Bagatska
Coleman Bailey
Rebecca Bailey
Alyssamarie Baltodano
Haidar Barbarji
Katya Barillas
David Baron
Jedszelle Baul
Eric Bazemore-Gardner
Kellan Beaver
Hannah Beckner
Kayla Bendix
Kayla Bigger
Thomas Birle
Ericka Black
Janae Blakeney
Sarah Bragg
Brandon Ranly
Daniel Brickhouse
Carson Brooke
Mai-Asia Brown
Lily Bryngelson
Rasheema Burgo
Simon Burney
Ethan Burress
Sofia Busch
Meredith Bush
Carolina Campos Hernandez 
Brianna Cappelli
Will Carlone
Carlin Carmona
Charles Casciano
Nicole Casero
Micah Castro
Daniel Charouel
Keeana Chavez
Anna Chen 
Vionne Clarke
Ty Clinton
Samantha Cochran
Mark Collins
Ariana Cooper
Chad Cooper
Alexandra Copeland
Deja Corprew
Ruby Corry
Caleb Coughlin
River Cowan
Leilani Curran
Alyssa Da Costa
Mason Dahl
Yaxuan Dai
Esther Daniel
Julia Daum
Felicia D’Auria
Andrea Day-Valdez
Eleanor Dewolfe
Kaelan Dimsoy
Kaitlin Doherty
Kylee Downie
Catherine Duckwall
Carly Duncan
Emily Eden
Rebecca Elrod
Bethsabe Escalante-bravo
Reilly Evans
Anas Fain
Afshan Fatima
Amanda Feldman
James Figliola
Hailey Fitzgerald
Eleanor Fleischman
Zoe Freisner
Grace Fuller–fuller/
Keegan Garant
Mariangel Garcia
Shayla Garcia
Corey Gatling
Naod Getachew
Jalen Gill
Haley Giraldo
Jared Godfrey
Antonio Gonzalez
Brianna Goode-Wright
Austin Graham
Madeline Gray
Keagan Hall
Zomas Harris
Hannah Hartstein
Ashley Hayes
Edward Henrich
Liam Hill
Nathaniel Hill
Kayla Hoang
Gerard Hogue
Kyungeun Hong
Amaiya Howard
Hannah Hudson
Garrett Hug
Taylor Hunter
Zinab Ibrahim
Timothy Iferika
Massayan Jallah
Timothy Jameson
Caroline Jenkins
Lesley Jenkins
Tarazha Jenkins
Darren Johnson
Lauren Johnson
Caitlin Jones
Timothy Jung
Ivy Jun
Mridula Kalluru
Sonnah Kamara
Hind Kamoul
Nautica Kane
Tahia Karim
Yenessa Kassebaum
Nayab Khan
Sabeeka Khan
ChaeRheen Kim
Kyle Kimmel
Kayley Kirby
Ben Kiyokawa
Gabrielle Knight
Hannah Kossol
Julianna Kovach
Serissa Lafland
Benjamin Lamb
Chloe Landry
Laura Lee
Kaiana Lee
Kailee Leeser
Alexis Lewallen
Nicolas Lopez
Kayla Lundy
Samuel Madrigal
Maxwell Mahoney
Andrea Malisheski
Jefry Manrique
Noah Marcinczyk
Ester Martinez
Maurice Mason
Owen Mattens
Erik Mayes
Skylar McClenan
Raechel McDonald
Joseph McKay
Olivia McPhail
Mallery McShine
Iman Mekonen
Micaela Mendoza
Caitlyn Michalski
Tara Midgett
Barrett Miller
Armond Mohsenin
Malyk Monteria 
Andrea Morales Mendizabal
Jacob Morris
Jacqueline Morrissey
Haley Moss
Corinne Murphy
Christopher Muth
Sitwat Najam
Fatou Ndiaye
Carson Newby
Ashley Nghiem
Colin Nguyen
Jayce Nguyen
Nguyen Nguyen
Lily Nimmons
Mary Noble
Sohail Nowroozi
Lauren Odom
Erin O’Donnell
Cassidy O’Neal
Kelvin Osei Asamoah
Catherine Page 
Jada Parker
Nusreta Pasic
Isabella Peranski
Evelin Perez Rodriguez
Minh Pham
Minh Pham
Kenzie Pocock
Miles Popiela
Abigail Ports
Nehemiah Prince
Madeline Quigley
Ayat Rashid
Sai Ravulapalli
Jalyn Reid
Isabella Reilly
Jordan Reinecke
Caleb Rivera
Christopher Rivera Carvajal
Christian Rohrbach
Ana Ron
Anna Rudasill
Hayley Russell–russell/
Miguel Salas
John Sample
Christina Sande
Ryan Sanders
Jhaniel Santiago
Zeron Sewell
Beau Seymour
D’Nia Shillingford
Brandi Shively
Kennedy Siles
Isabela Silva
Malcolm Simien
Mike’L Simms
Jordan Simpson
Grace Skelton
Savannah Slack
Christian Slater
Brittaney Smith
Julia Smith
Jacqueline Snow
Kristen Somers
Lauren Spiers
Kamari Stockdale
Sarah Stork 
Luke Strother
Yugo Suzuki
Alyssa Tallent
Rumon Tebyanian
Markus Terhorst
Jalen Terry
Kaelyn Thackeray
Alexis Tillman
Nadia Titus
Ariana Torres
Enaizsa Torres
Lexi Tran
John Trinder
Amy Truong
Jasmine Tsai
Sarah Turlington
Claudia Tyson
Alexander Vance
Yosachi Velasquez
Jaekob Vollbrecht
Sophia Volpe
Rhys Wade
Xameria Wallace
Alana Ward
Rachel Welling
Jarrell Whitehead
Michala Wildman
Kynnedi Wilkerson
Grace Williams–williams/
Makeleh Williams
Estifanos Woldemichael
Colton Wolf
Brandon Yat
Kaylah Young
Anya Zasler

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