Interviewing friends and family for posterity

Digital technologies make it easy to record and preserve interviews with family and friends. With the NPR StoryCorps app, you can store your audio in the Library of Congress for future generations to listen to. For their new-media project in MASC 101, more than 100 students conducted and posted interviews on a range of subjects.

Many of the conversations were about COVID-19. Keagan Hall talked to his mother about her brother Peter, who died of the coronavirus. Jordan Adams interviewed his father, an airline captain, about how the pandemic has decimated the airline industry. Brandon Ranly talked to his mom, the dean of the VCU School of Engineering, about the pandemic. Charles Casciano interviewed his younger brother, Grace Williams interviewed her sister, and Hannah Kossol talked to her twin brother.

Some of the conversations were about family origins: Beau Seymour asked his mother about her experience immigrating to the U.S. from South Korea; Carolina Campos Hernandez’s mother compared life in the U.S. and life in El Salvador.

Music was also a prevalent theme. Haikal Ahmad Nazri’s mother talked about the music she listened to growing up (like The Carpenters). Nicole Casero interviewed a friend who is a recording artist and musician.

Lily Bryngelson, David Baron and Eleanor Dewolfe each interviewed their fathers about how technology has changed over decades — and what life was like before the internet. Some students have relatives who work in the media: Hannah Hartstein’s mother, for example, writes children’s books, and Hannah Beckner’s grandmother ran a small-town newspaper.

Instead of an interview, Colton Wolf gave a monlogue — describing how the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted young people’s lives and offering fellow college students words of encouragement.

Student Link to interview
Jordan Adams
Haikal Ahmad Nazri
Noora Alqahtani
Dominique Antunes Couto
Coleman Bailey
Rebecca Bailey
Alyssamarie Baltodano
Haidar Barbarji
Rushali Barman
David Baron
Eric Bazemore-Gardner
Kellan Beaver
Hannah Beckner
Payton Belcher
Janae Blakeney
Sarah Bragg
Carson Brooke
Lily Bryngelson
Ethan Burress
Carolina Campos Hernandez
William Carlone
Charles Casciano
Nicole Casero
Mark Collins
Ariana Cooper
Deja Corprew
Caleb Coughlin
Mason Dahl
Yaxuan Dai
Eleanor Dewolfe
Carly Duncan
Reilly Evans
Anas Fain and
Afshan Fatima
James Figliola
Eleanor Fleischman
Grace Fuller
Keegan Garant
Corey Gatling
Naod Getachew
Jalen Gill
Haley Giraldo
Antonio Gonzalez
Brianna Goode-Wright
Austin Graham
Keagan Hall
Hannah Hartstein
Liam Hill
Gerard Hogue
Kyungeun Hong
Hannah Hudson
Taylor Hunter
Caroline Jenkins
Caitlin Jones
Timothy Jung
Hind Kamoul
Nautica Kane
Tahia Karim
Nayab Khan
Kyle Kimmel
Gabrielle Knight
Hannah Kossol
Alexis Lewallen
Nicolas Lopez
Jefry Manrique
Ester Martinez
Maurice Mason
Owen Mattens
Erik Mayes
Joseph McKay
Mallery McShine
Jacqueline Morrissey
Haley Moss
Christopher Muth
Carson Newby
Sohail Nowroozi
Erin O’Donnell
Shariff Osorio
Abigail Ports
Steven Ramlogan
Brandon Ranly
Jalyn Reid
Caleb Rivera
Christopher Rivera Carvajal
Christian Rohrbach
Miguel Salas
Christina Sande
Ryan Sanders
Jhaniel Santiago
Zeron Sewell
Beau Seymour
D’Nia Shillingford
Brandi Shively
Christian Slater
Brittaney Smith
Julia Smith
Jacqueline Snow
Lauren Spiers
Luke Strother
Alyssa Tallent
Markus Terhorst
Amy Truong
Claudia Tyson
Alexander Vance
Jaekob Vollbrecht
Sophia Volpe
Emma Wade
Jarrell Whitehead
Grace Williams
Estifanos Woldemichael
Colton Wolf
Anya Zasler

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