Occupational Therapy Doctoral Capstone

VCU’s Occupational Therapy Doctorate curriculum reflects current conceptualizations of the profession, dedication in teaching, and commitment to both research and community service. The doctoral capstone is an integral part of our curriculum, with focused tracks in the areas of Education, Research, and Community. Doctoral capstone coursework is designed to provide students with an in-depth focus that allows an opportunity for the student to drive change and impact the profession. At VCU, our mission for the doctoral capstone is to: 

  • provide students with leadership opportunities in areas of research, education, or community service; 
  • provide in-depth exposure to a specific topic area; 
  • recognize untapped potential in oneself and in the occupational therapy profession through a focus on population, advancing practice areas, advanced skill development, education, or research.

The Poster Fair is the culmination of the student’s occupational therapy program and specifically their doctoral capstone work. As an integral component to our curriculum, the doctoral capstone threads across five courses all with a focus on leadership, with students selecting from one of three tracks for their focused area of interest: education, research, and community. Upon completion of the doctoral capstone course sequence, our students are fully prepared to live up to our mission: to be excellent, innovative, adaptable, and responsible occupational therapists as professional leaders for the state and nation

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