April 7, 2019

Diversity Committee Meeting Agenda

April 7, 2019

Thurston 106


In attendance: Jen, Jared, Nao, Rachel, Christina, Jean, Beth, Jeremy


New Business


  1. Committee Updates:
    1. Speaker Sub-Committee
      1. Ableism documentary presentation and guest speaker was one of the best attended! Lots of great reception — THANK YOU Nao!
      2. Next Speaker: April 25th @ 11 am
        1. Dr. Chavella T. Pittman – Classroom Experiences of Faculty of Color – most of the committee will be able to attend
        2. Discussion of speaker honorarium – Nao will follow up with Tom Eisenberg about his offer for an up to $16,000 for speaker budget. Will he be willing to supplement the current budget we have to get the fee up to $3,000? (as of March 11th we currently have $1,774.14 in account)
        3. What other details do we need to help with?
          1. $150.00 for graduate student lunch
          2. Flight
          3. Dinner – not sure we will solicit
    2. Social Engagement Sub-Committee
      1. One more GAME TIME for the semester?
        1. April 26th? 3-5 Aspire Room – Stephanie will reserve
  2. Faculty Members Representatives for the Fall:
    1. Developmental: Fantasy Lozada (we should discuss), Social: Jen Joy-Gaba, Clinical: Jared Keeley, Josh Langberg (Child/Adolescent Rep), Counseling: ? (Fantasy will reach out to Suzanne), Staff: LaToya Davis, Health: Caroline Cobb
  3. Nominations for graduate students
    1. Someone to volunteer working with Corey to solicit nominations
      1. One student and one faculty? Jared & Stephanie will work with Corey
    2. Timeline:
      1. Announcement to go out by April 19th (allow to be open for 1 week? – close by April 26?)
      2. Voting for graduate students (allow to be open for 1 week? – by May 3rd?)
      3. Additional appointment of students by May 10th?
      4. Current students interested in remaining on the committee can be nominated and voted back in but they cannot just decide to stay on the committee
  4. Broken Links on Website
    1. Broken links are all associated with the definition links — should we just take them off and move them to resources under Ram Pages? (likely have to find new resources)
      1. Can Ram Pages go live today? (https://rampages.us/vcupsycdivcom/) – then we link any resources there. We discussed not worrying about the small bios for now since people will cycle off.
        1. Volunteers to help with finding new definitions?
          1. Christina will find new definitions and she has
    2. New Resources for: (Christina, Rachel, and Beth will help to work on this)
      1. Education
        1. Undergraduate teaching
        2. Graduate teaching
        3. Mentorship
        4. Emphasizing the reporting link to recruit support for conversations
      2. Research
        1. Dave Chester shared great ways that he wanted to think about ableism in his research and research space
        2. Research Design
        3. Recruitment methods
      3. Departmental Climate
        1. Important identity awareness/celebration days/months
        2. Having difficult conversations with colleagues
        3. Emphasizing the reporting link to recruit support for conversations
        4. Emphasizing the ombudsperson to mediate issues
      4. Adding information about how students can seek accommodations (reach out to SAEO)
  5. Presentation at one of last faculty meetings?
    1. Jean will do this for inclusive teaching practices for the April faculty meeting
    2. Can the committee come to a faculty meeting to talk about the diversity narratives in the annual evaluations and how the personnel committee view these statements?
      1. Let’s postpone this to maybe the first faculty meeting
  6. Discussion of faculty evaluations on diversity
    1. Fantasy and Mike’s meeting was postponed till April 12th – asking about an overall qualitative categorization of people’s activities discussed in narratives
  7. Final Meeting of the Semester: May 13th
  8. Finals Care Package – Jen will send an email to the group about this!
    1. Date: May 1st
    2. Who wants to be involved? Jen, Jeremy, Stephanie, Beth, Fantasy
  9. End of year survey for committee feedback: Get some input about what people liked, what they didn’t like, barriers or reasons for not attending – send out for the end of the semester – to have completed by April 26th – Stephanie will create a draft and send to committee
  10. Suggestions for Next Steps for the Committee?
    1. Meet and Greet Event for the Fall – something like the Coffee Hour
    2. Continue low cost “spreading cheer” for community feel
    3. “I am Psyched” Exhibit (Jared has seen this and still thinks it’s powerful)
      1. We would need an adequate space and we are having trouble finding it for a week
        1. $600 for the display + cost of location to rent
          1. Depot? (Fantasy will ask)
    4. Having the reporting link added to the Swim Lanes document & added to the Psychology Blackboard
    5. How do we reach out to older students (particularly those in clinical and counseling) who are no longer around for classes?
      1. Can be accomplished by varying times (some evening times) for these students to attend
      2. Holding another event for students at a different time (e.g., hosting some of the documentaries and conversations for students only after hours)
    6. Using the faculty meetings to show some of our small documentaries
    7. Diversity Dialogues: Can we collaborate to provide something in dialogues as a means of support to the instructors and the students?
    8. Student only events (especially for 1st year students) — providing a space for students to come together as a means of decompressing and talking about these issues.
    9. Getting a list from each department of what they’ve done to address issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion
      1. Create a list of what information we want to solicit and solicit at the beginning of the semester
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