January 14, 2019

Diversity Committee Meeting Agenda

January 14, 2019, 10:00am-11:30am

Zoom Conference

In attendance: Nao Hagiwara, Fantasy Lozada, Jeremy Barsell, Rachel Boutte, Jean Corcoran, Christina Barnett, Jennifer Joy-Gaba, Beth Heller, Jared Keeley

New Business

  1. Committee Updates:
    1. Speaker Sub-Committee
      1. Dr. Kington
        1. Diversity committee will need provide personnel support to take care of the event
      2. Possible dates for events
        1. Feb 27 or 28 could be a possible date for event – possible ableism documentary
        2. March 25 or March 27 or March 28 also could have possible event – possible work life balance event
        3. April 22nd or 24th
    2. Social Engagement Sub-Committee
      1. Coffee Hour with the Diversity Committee? (Jeremy)
        1. ICA cafe – free but closed on Mondays provides a space that could allow for informal private conversation
        2. Jeremy will send out Doodle
        3. People would buy their own coffee this time
    3. Ram Pages Update
      1. Draft: https://rampages.us/vcupsycdivcom/
        1. Need:
          1. Committee members’ statements about why they are on the committee for ‘about us’
          2. Feedback about contact information/picture on about us page
          3. Feedback about what to go on homepage
          4. Pictures from past events (e.g. game night, documentary screenings, end-of-semester/holiday cheer)
          5. General feedback
  2. Strategic Plan Initiatives
    1. Accessing data from faculty reports about EDI practices
    2. Examining practices across the programs that promote EDI
    3. Efforts in improving reporting of what’s happening in the classroom, both positive and negative experiences
    4. Communication of resources to faculty
      1. Suggestions: mentoring, classroom experiences, difficult discussions, how to set syllabus up, how to integrate conversations into lecture
      2. Have faculty contribute ideas of content to include into their courses to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion
        1. Solicit this information from a Google form and ask if they would be willing to share these ideas with other faculty at a teaching event/forum. Beth suggests that this is similar to an event that Ev Worthington previously organized. We can have faculty demonstrate their teaching practices or lessons that can be useful to other faculty. Possible event in the spring. We will revisit at the next meeting.
    5. Ways to support committee members and/or faculty attendance to participate in national conversations of EDI in higher education – no money this year — but maybe in the next budget? Also, would the office for Diversity and Inclusion have funds?
      1. National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education – https://www.ncore.ou.edu/en/
      2. The White Privilege Conference – https://www.whiteprivilegeconference.com/
      3. The National Coalition Building Institute’s Leadership for Diversity Institutes – http://ncbi.org/
    6. Ways to assess EDI in the psychology department
      1. Climate survey to undergraduate majors and/or undergraduates enrolled in psych courses?
      2. Evaluation of degree attainment information – especially in light of performance of African American and Latino male statistics that VCU is trying to address?
        1. Could we start soliciting information from Psych Advising about this?
      3. Looking at assessments based on models and theories
        1. From the National Institute for Transformation and Equity (https://www.indiana.edu/~cece/wordpress/cece-model/) The Culturally Engaging Campus Environments (CECE) Model – https://works.bepress.com/samuel_museus/88/download/
      4. Should we be applying to institutional and national grants to fund the work and initiatives that we would like to do in the department?
  3. Resources for the committee
    1. Diversity & Democracy from the Association of American Colleges and Universities – https://www.aacu.org/diversitydemocracy/2018/summer
    2. Diverse Issues in Higher Education – http://diverseeducation.com/
    3. INSIGHT into Diversity – http://www.insightintodiversity.com/
    4. Journal on Diversity in Higher Education – https://www.nadohe.org/journal


Old Business

  1. Every other faculty committee member is schedule to cycle off after spring 2019. Please communicate with your program chairs that a new person will need to be selected as the program representative or indicate that you would like to be considered to continue on in this role. This should be done by April 2019 in preparation for the fall.


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