October 14, 2019

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes

10/14/2019 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Present: Caroline Cobb, Jennifer Joy-Gaba, LaToya Davis, Morgan Reid, Irene Jacobs, Josh Langberg, Briana Bouldin, Gabby Scazlo, and Vicky Shivy


Meeting Items:

  1. Adding Heterodox Academy to our resource website (heterodoxacademy.org)
    1. Jen discussed a website that was sent to her by another faculty member who asked that the committee consider placing under resources. The website was created by Jon Haidt where people can come together over politics. Proposed that the committee take a look to determine if this is something we want to publish on our website. Some committee members expressed concerns of how the website would be interpreted by others as well as establishing parameters for what is posted. Committee reviewed links on our resource list to determine if the website compliments current resources. The consensus is the site is not a good fit.
    2. Look at CTLE to determine if there are resources to post on the website for classroom support around discussing sensitive topics
  2. Creating an Event Calendar for Psychology/campus events for departmental access
    1. Josh will check with Jennifer Elswick to determine if we can send her events that support the committee
    2. The department calendar will continue to have Psychology committee events
  3. Coding faculty responses
    1. Caroline will send out the integrated list to show the committee response
    2. Discuss the results at an upcoming faculty meeting
  4. Faculty support for handling difficult conversations
  1. Consider having a discussion or activity during a faculty meeting
  2. LaToya will follow up with facilitators of Cultural Competence Training that takes place for advisors to determine if they would do a short training for Psychology faculty
  3. Jennifer proposed a once-a-semester (applied) training for faculty
  4. Morgan also recommended that TAs have the opportunity to receive the training as well (look at Mondays at 10 for graduate students)
  5. Vicky proposed looking at topic names that could encourage participation such as “Generational Differences”
  1. Communications Committee sending an email of support regarding recent Supreme Court cases regarding LQBTQ protections in the workplace
    1. Send draft to committee for a consensus today
    2. After review, the email will go out to chair for final wordsmithing
  2. Follow up on upcoming activities
    1. Reverse trick-or-treating 10/31 (Beth and Caroline)- Drop off candy to Christian by 10/30 for Caroline to bag
    2. Game day- proposed date 11/8 from 4-6- Gabby will reach out to Christian about a room reservation today
    3. Caroline will post upcoming events on the departmental calendar
    4. Jared will give games to Gabby for the event and Briana will assist Gabby with setup and cleanup
    5. Email to department will go out as a reminder after the location is confirmed
    6. Committee members will bring a snack along with a game
    7. Consider sending information about events or a newsletter to faculty
  3. Speaker series
  1. Josh is going to follow up about a speaker series but we need to look at what is out there so not to duplicate
  2. The consensus is to wait until Spring 2020 for a speaker


Action Items

  1. LaToya and Jen email MSG to get dates for potential meeting dates
  2. LaToya send committee the draft email to go out
  3. LaToya and Jen email MSG to roll out list for personnel letters for tracking events (January tentative start date)
  4. Caroline will send LaToya and Jen the integrated coding list so that we can reach out to MSG to potentially present  at the next faculty meeting
  5. Briana will follow up with Zewe about using the graduate forum as a time to have a discussion about handling difficult conversations
  6. LaToya create a shared document for each subcommittee with to discuss duties, track action items, and prepare for upcoming events
  7. LaToya check with Peter about having a spot in the newsletter for PrEDI and tie in monthly themes and upcoming events



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