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The Committee for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion consists of four faculty (one from each program), four students (two elected by students, and two appointed by the Department Chair), one staff member (also appointed by the Department Chair), and one ex-officio member (CPSD Director). Faculty members will serve on the committee for a two year term, and student members will serve for a one year term. Currently, the committee is chaired by ….

Amanda Parks, MS

Student Member - Clinical Psychology

    Irene Jacobs

    Student Member - Clinical Psychology

      Ashley MacPherson pic

      Ashley MacPherson, MS

      Student Member - Counseling Psychology

      Becka Hoppe Pic

      Becka Hoppe, BA

      Student Member - Developmental Psychology

        Jennifer Joy-Gaba, PhD

        Faculty Member-Social Program

        Vicky Shivy, PhD

        Faculty Member - Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology

        Diversity is the life-blood of Virginia Commonwealth University. Our institutional history shows VCU was created to address the social and health-related concerns of people in the Richmond region. For nearly 100 years before my arrival to campus (1997) VCU faculty, staff, and students were embracing human differences as a source of strength and solidarity. We are a place where people from all backgrounds are welcomed and valued. During these changing times especially, it is critical to ensure that all human voices are heard and respected -- especially the voices of the vulnerable -- and that dialogues promote  inclusiveness and equity. I’m pleased to play a role in all this by serving on the Psychology's Diversity Committee.

        Caroline Cobb, PhD

        Faculty Member - Assistant Professor, Health Psychology

        Josh Langberg Picture

        Josh Langberg, PhD

        Faculty Member - Professor, Clinical Psychology

        Diversity in all forms of the word is what makes VCU an amazing and special place. For VCU to thrive, we need to ensure that all staff, students, and faculty feel welcomed and that their ideas are important and valued. We also need to ensure that we give back to our community and work hard to make Richmond a better place for all people. I hope that by serving on the Psychology Diversity Committee I can help foster a culture where diversity is embraced as our greatest strength and where staff, students, faculty, and our community partners feel that their voices are heard and that they can contribute to charting the future of the psychology department.

        Fantasy Lozada, PhD

        Faculty Member - Developmental Psychology

        LaToya Davis

        Staff Member - Associate Director of Psychology Advising and Undergraduate Academic Operations

        Mary Beth Heller, PhD

        Faculty Member - Director, VCU Center for Psychological Services and Development

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