April 6, 2020

Diversity Committee Meeting Agenda
4/6/2020 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Present: Jen Joy-Gaba, Irene Jacobs, LaToya Davis, Josh Langberg, Morgan Reid, Fantasy Lozada, Jared Keeley, Bri Bouldin, Gabby Scalzo

1. Committee hellos and goodbyes
Jen, Jared, LaToya’s terms are ending. For these members, check in and see if there is another person willing/wanting to serve in your area, or if you would like to be on the committee again. Vicky, Josh, Caroline, Beth, Fantasy are here for another year
Students on the committee must self-nominate again if interested in serving another term. The committee will send out an email to all grad students to inquire about interest as well. Once a nominee list has been generated, an email will be sent to all students for voting purposes.
2. Activities for next semester
Email about course content for instructors at the beginning of the year has been drafted, needs finalized and sent at the appropriate time.
Training for new TAs during orientation in August?
No date, usually second/third week in August
LaToya will check with OMSA to see about online or in-person training
3, We decided to move forward with the video montage to the department.
Thank you and appreciation for the efforts
E.g., commercials with connected together activity – something that we like/had fun connection with other people
Or passing phone in and out of the phone (15 seconds each) lessons learned from this experience
Takes on a blooper-focused perspective that metaphorically represents this rockier adjustment for everyone
Share anything interesting or a “lesson learned” that helps unify the current struggle (i.e. Subject receives a passed phone from the left, sets it to a standing position with view of subject on couch with pillows and a blanket, and subject shares, “I’ve learned not to sit on my couch during synchronous lectures… I cannot resist a couch nap!” Then passes the camera to the right)
Set up a time – Jen & Bri will take lead with scheduling/planning
Mondays at 10AM has worked thus far – Bri
4. Set out an initial email to check for interest among committee
Grad student evaluations to include an EDI component have been approved by all areas and will be assessed on the next evaluation cycle, whether that be this year or deferred to next year.

Action items:
LaToya will check with orientation date and OMSA training
Students on committee – let us know if you are interested in being considered again for the committee
Faculty rotating off (Jared, Jen, LaToya) – let us know if you are rejoining us or if who your replacement will be
Jen and LaToya will send out an interest email to the psyc grad students and then another one for voting purposes
Jen and Bri will send out an informational email to PrEDI about the video, and more information with times and dates and what to do will follow to those wishing to participate

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