December 4, 2019

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes
12/04/19 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Present: Vicky Shivy, Rich Bargdill, Jen Joy-Gaba, LaToya Davis, Sultan Hubbard, and Caroline Cobb
Meeting Items:
1. February faculty meeting to discuss tracking PrEDI events and finalize if we want to keep track of names for future events and whether to reward people
· We discussed multiple ideas with the goal of improving the departmental community and would like to have a sign-in sheet at events where attendees have the option of signing in, unless there is food which requires all attendees to sign in. Using the sign-in information, the committee would send a “shout out” (via email) thanking attendees for their participation. We would like to offer a small gift to an attendee who enters their name in a drawing at future PrEDI events.
· The committee also discussed encouraging attendance among graduate students and want to determine if there is a way to include language on the GTA/TA/RA and faculty agreement that would highlight the importance of attending PrEDI sponsored events.
· The committee also discussed having a game night at Gallery 5 or The Local as well as a group excursion to the Kehinde Wiley unveiling on December 10th or going to the National Museum of African American History in Washington DC
2. April speaker series
· Mary Watkins and Layla Saab were mentioned as possible speakers. Jen Joy-Gaba recommended that the committee compile a list of additional speakers. Vicky also recommended that we look at Layla’s collaborators for her upcoming book to determine if there’s potential speaking candidates
3. Monquell Middleton attending an upcoming PrEDI meeting
· We will invite Monquell to our January 13th meeting to discuss having a focus group within in department’s student body
4. Submissions to Peter for PrEDI
· LaToya will submit a thank you note on behalf of the PrEDI committee for attending our fall events and indicating the Spring 2020 events will be published in the newsletter (LaToya emailed Peter on 12/5)
5. Upcoming meetings
· January 13th and February 10th are scheduled for Spring 2020. A tentative meeting for March 23, 2020 is scheduled pending room reservation confirmation
6. OMSA Training requests for department in lieu of Cultural Competence
· LaToya discussed the Cultural Competence training attended in October and indicated that it was not hands-on and more of a resource overview. In lieu of this training, LaToya presented on-site training offered by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. The committee would like to have the training, Facilitating Difficult Conversations for faculty and graduate students. LaToya will email OMSA about how long the training takes and if they are willing to do two trainings. We would also note with the facilitators of the training, that we are not focusing on one specific area, but keeping it broad for the department’s population.

Action Items
1. Reach out to OMSA to determine how long the training takes and if they can do two trainings- LaToya
2.Explore alternative options (location, time of day) for game night for the Spring 2020 semester- Sultan
3. Determine how we can encourage/incorporate language to graduate students as it relates to attending PrEDI events- Caroline
4. Send list of potential guest speakers to Josh Langber Vicky
5. Email Michael Southam-Gerow regarding attendance at events-Jennifer

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