February 10, 2020

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes
Shockoe Room in the Commons
2/10/20 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Present: Jen Joy-Gaba, Caroline Cobb, Morgan Reid, Irene Jacobs, Fantasy Lozada, Gabby Scalzo, Vicky Shivy, Irene Jacobs, Jared Keeley, Sultan Hubbard

1. Training Event: Facilitating Difficult Conversations for faculty and graduate students
by OMSA.
Faculty will be given this training during the March faculty meeting
Grad student training – We can’t do it during one of the Forums since it’s only once a semester. New idea is to attempt to schedule for everyone for the week before classes begin.
2. Future events this semester
HRC presentation by Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, Senior Researcher at the PewResearch CenteTalk on immigration: “A Mexican Migration to the U.S.: Current Trends and Global Context.” We are co-sponsoring this presentation. It will be held on Tuesday March 24 at 4 PM in the Library Lecture Hall.
Put info on website and email
April 30 – Dr. Ivory will speak to our department. Please mark the date/time on your calendars. To do list: Save Tom a seat in the front since he is contributing (and include the CTSP in all communications). We will set up at 3:30, he will present at 4 and be in the room until 6 for discussion/questions.
Draft email and website to department after Dr. Ivory sends in his honorarium.
Make sure to include Alison Breland as part of sponsorship with Tom since she is an equal PI.
Check to see how much money for any food
Game night/trivia night – Perhaps Postbellum? Need a food and bev minimum, otherwise we have to foot the bill. Pupatella is another option. Could do Bingo Brewery or Tang and Biscuit to include children in the future. Date either April 8/9 at around 5? – Fantasy and Jared.
3. Emails/Handouts to department
Handout for department about best teaching practices. Make a finalized version for March Faculty Meeting. Integrating material in teaching courses too for grad students – Fantasy will touch base.
Valentine’s self-care email – edit this week and send by Wednesday to Pete.
4. Nominations to coordinate any PACME nominations from our department, as well as
the Burnside Watstein awards (no information online about these yet).
Think about who might be good nominees – March 6 is deadline to submit/finalize our list by 2/11
Staff – Corey Martin
Faculty – Shawn Jones/Oswaldo Moreno/Fantasy Lozada
Students/Group – B.L.A.C.K. / Q Grad
Leadership – Psychology PrEDI
May be asked to help coordinate submissions – we are willing on one or two
5. Evals for grad student – question provided by PrEDI for all areas to assess their
Please list any activities (e.g., teaching, research, service) that contributed to equity, diversity, and inclusion at the university or community level.
Check with your programs and if you will implement this during Spring 2020 make sure to email grad students as a heads up.
6. Check in with Monquell to see where we are with focus groups and possibility revise
question set next meeting.
7. Upcoming meetings: March 23, Dissertation Room

Action Items

LaToya – Make sure OMSA and Mike are still okay with a March training.
Bri – Can you check with Lucy to see if creating a larger training event provided by OMSA is possible for the week of orientation for new TAs? Ideally this will include both new and seasoned TAs.
Caroline – Email and website information for our two presentations (hold on Dr. Ivory until we have confirmation)
Fantasy and Jared – Check into places to see where best to hold our event. We were thinking April 7 or 8.
Everyone – Please check out Sultan and Caroline’s drafts. When you have looked over one, please email the group and each one of us can say we approve the handout. Please do this by Tuesday (for Caroline’s) and this week for Sultan’s.
Everyone – Consider any additional nominations for the PACME award. Add to this document by EOB 2/14. I’ll then send it to Mike.
Everyone – Check in with your programs about adding language to grad student evaluations about activities related to inclusivity and diversity. Josh has already touched base for clinical.
Jen – Check in with Monquell about focus groups.

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