January 13, 2020

Diversity Committee Meeting Agenda
1/13/20 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Present: Jen Joy-Gaba, LaToya Davis, Caroline Cobb, Josh Langberg, Beth Heller, Morgan Reid, Fantasy Lozada, Sultan Hubbard, Jared Keeley, Bri Bouldin

Meeting Items:
1. Check in for training event: The committee would like to have the training, Facilitating
Difficult Conversations for faculty and graduate students by OMSA. We are hoping
for two trainings and we are not focusing on one specific area, but keeping it broad
for the department’s population.
Faculty during February faculty meeting
LaToya will follow-up
Grad student training
During a grad student Forum – will follow-up
2. Encouraging attendance at events:
Contacting our program directors to determine if there is a way to include language on the GTA/TA/RA and faculty agreement that would highlight the importance of attending PrEDI sponsored events.
Double check with directors and let grad students know.
Caroline-Health Psychology Students have a COMMUNITY OR UNIVERSITY SERVICE section in their annual evaluation form. We could amend the instructions that correspond to this section.
For any PrEDI event: There will be a sign-in sheet at events where attendees have the option of signing in, unless there is food which requires all attendees to sign in. Using the sign-in information, the committee would send a “shout out” (via email) thanking attendees for their participation. We are going to offer a small gift to an attendee who enters their name in a drawing at future PrEDI events.
3. Future events this semester:
Game night at Gallery 5 or The Local – date?
Jared take the lead in planning
Group excursion to the National Museum of African American History in Washington DC – date?
Contact Vicky to see if she is interested in planning
Valentine’s treats – interest?
Self-care email – Caroline and Bri on Feb 14
End of the semester treat – interest?
Josh and LaToya take them around – date?
Bri is happy to help make bags
4. April speaker series Mary Watkins and Layla Saab were mentioned as possible
Date and time April 14, 15, or 16 at 4 PMish
5. Email to department – Sultan?
6. Monquell Middleton (mamiddleton@vcu.edu) discussed having a focus group within in
department’s student
Goal is to see retention and graduation rates increase for men of color.
Conducts focus groups and is in the process of using those results to create programs and initiatives.
Hoping to go into different academic departments and conduct listening groups. Will share the results.
By helping Monquell and the college, could receive more funding for department and/or groups
Will send out a document of previous listening groups (3 so far) to show what results have already highlighted. Issues already: lack of connection with faculty, financial aid, needing more opportunities to be involved and included
Multiple dates and times needed with limits on group size – chair can help out here – will send email with questions that are already being asked. We can add questions we would like to his set
Josh will check with Faye to see what has already been done and contact Monquell
7. Upcoming meetings: February 10, March 23, Apr 6, and May 11

Action Items:

Next Meeting February 10 in Shockoe Room in the Student Commons

LaToya – follow up with OSMA and see if they can present to faculty
Bri – follow up with Lucy for date for grad student training
Caroline and Bri – draft email for self-care email in February for Valentine’s
Jared – Date for trivia and/or game night
Josh – Check with Faye to see what has already been done and contact Monquell
LaToya and Jen – contact Mike about how to contact students and coordinate with Monquell after receiving information
Sultan – email draft to committee
Morgan – email draft about protests and resources
Caroline – update website with minutes, events, and committee member list details

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