March 23, 2020

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes
March 23, 2020
Meeting held via Zoom
Present: Jen Joy-Gaba, Caroline Cobb, Morgan Reid, Irene Jacobs, Fantasy Lozada, Gabby Scalzo, Vicky Shivy, Irene Jacobs, Jared Keeley, LaToya Davis, Briana Bouldin
1. April events and promotion to students
-Our April 30th event with Dr. Ivory Tolson is canceled. The group decided against a virtual format because we want captive faculty, staff, and students which may be challenging with changes currently taking place
2. End of semester treat bags- alternative ideas
-The group discussed whether it is feasible to potentially provide a gift card to a local business on behalf of PrEDI.
· Considerations to explore: use of funding for gift cards and what business to select
-Another option is to create an end of semester kudos video with special recognition to May 2020 graduates
3. OMSA training for new TAs
-PrEDI wants to offer training to incoming TAs during the August orientation
4. Additional discussion items
-We will create a shared document in the PrEDI folder to track questions, concerns, and responses from students/faculty and compile to send out in an email as a resource to faculty. The email would also include a link to a survey for the PrEDI committee to have a better understanding of what people need.

Action Items
LaToya- email Dorothy and Lucy about August orientation date
LaToya- email Michael to determine if he is okay with PrEDI recognizing May 2020 graduates
LaToya- email OMSA to determine if they plan to put any training opportunities online
Josh- follow up with Dr. Tolson regarding the cancelation of the April 30th event
Fantasy/Gabby- set up a virtual gaming hour for interested faculty and graduate students
Jen/LaToya- edit Google doc with questions, comments, and concerns to prepare an email on behalf of PrEDI. Committee members would also have editing access to the email draft

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