August 13, 2018

Present: Nao Hagiwara, Beth Heller, Amanda Silvester, Rachel Boutte, Jeremy Barsell

Updates from last meeting:

  1. Fantasy and Stephanie accepted Nomination for Co-Chairs (Congratulations!).
    1. Discussed need for election, decided against due to only one person nominated for both positions

Meeting items:

  1. Speaker Series
    1. Reach out to Jennifer Elswick for recording and uploading presentations from Speaker Series to the website.
    2. Discussion about providing rewards or recognition to faculty members who attend all or miss only one of the presentations.
    3. Find additional avenues for invitations to presentations in the series
      1. Facebook invites
      2. Evites
      3. Program director send invitation or reminder to members of their program directly rather than from Listserv
  2. Student Survey
    1. Need 2 faculty and 2 students to volunteer to analyze qualitative data from results of student survey before September 10th meeting.
      1. Jeremy Barsell has volunteered to assist
    2. Diversity Committee needs at least two action items that come from the results of this survey
  3. Potential new Communications subcommittee
    1. Draft sensitive event reaction emails proactively (i.e. Response to Unite the Right 2 event held in Washington, DC on 8/12/18)
    2. Create and maintain bi-monthly newsletter that disseminate Diversity Committee events, meeting minutes, spotlight local events or talks, etc
  4. Upcoming and Proposed Engagement Activities
    1. Diversity & Inclusion in Psychology Week
    2. Engage program directors to work within each program to build communication and transparency
      1. Compare strategies and successes at the end of the semester
    3. Inter-program socials
      1. Build communication and inclusion between programs by sponsoring low/no-cost socials between 2-3 programs. By end of year each program should have an event with everyone
      2. Rachel suggested fielding interested volunteer student liaisons in each program to help facilitate these events and dialogues. They would not attend committee meetings. Could contribute to proposed newsletter.
    4. APA “I’m Psyched” Tour
      1. Multimedia initiative that explores the history and contemporary contributions of women of color in psychology as they engage in psychological science, practice and social justice.
      2. $650 minimum to purchase materials and list of potential speakers
      3. Earliest we can schedule is for mid-May, which will not be best. Next best option is September 2019.
        1. Need to discuss viability of purchasing with current budget constraints

Action items for next meeting 9/10/2018:

  1. Reach out to MSG to request student survey data
  2. Have 2 faculty and at least 1 more student volunteer to analyze data from Student Survey
  3. Speaker Series Subcommittee will report back with fall and spring schedule
  4. Discuss Student survey results and identify 2 action items for the semester and create subcommittees out of those action items
  5. Draft announcement to students about new student representatives and introduction of committee members—remind about Feedback Form
  6. Need volunteer for dedicated taker of meeting Minutes  


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