December 17, 2018

In attendance: Fantasy Lozada, Jared Keeley, Bryce McLeod, Nao Hagiwara, Stephanie Romo, Jeremy Barsell, Jean Corcoran, Beth Heller


New Business

  • Amanda Silvester had stepped down from the committee. We are in need of a staff appointment from the department chair.
      1. Things to ask Mike: When will the person come on? Spring? And how does that work for the two year term
  • New faculty appointments starting fall 2019
      1. Jared, Jen, and Beth will stay on for next year due to the nature of their appointments.
      2. Every other faculty committee member is schedule to cycle off after spring 2019. Please communicate with your program chairs that a new person will need to be selected as the program representative or indicate that you would like to be considered to continue on in this role. This should be done by April 2019 in preparation for the fall.
  • Speaker Sub-Committee Update – Nao Hagiwara
      1. APA I am Psyched! Booked with APA for Sept. 30 – Oct. 4
        1. Nao will confirm this date with APA and is currently working with Bob and Corey for the space
        2. The cost of the event is $650 which will factor into our budget for next year
        3. Potentially make it an entire week of events
          1. Data blitz presentations of faculty and students
      2. Documentary Event in early February – considering the interviews for applicants for the clinical program, this is going to be challenging. What are the available dates?
        1. A Speaker Subcommittee member will suggest some dates and times based on the consideration of candidate interviews, information from Dorothy about student events and classes, and other data considerations from Corey.  
      3. Tom Eisenberg has reached out about a potential speaker – Reinard Kington – speaker topic of funding disparities in NIH for ethnic-racial minorities
        1. Nao will follow up with Tom, asking what he is willing to contribute and/or pay for and what he is looking for from the Committee.
  • Strategic Plan Initiatives
    1. Looking at some of the practices from individual programs in their application process for graduate students — Clinical included an event in which students from diverse backgrounds could have a Q & A session with graduate students in the program from diverse backgrounds
    2. Diversity Office Hours – It is still unclear whether or not it is needed and/or if it sets the committee up for always being the safe space for faculty and students around diverse issues without building capacity among others in the department.
      1. Suggestion to do a Coffee Hour with the Diversity Committee instead in which we would advertise who would be at the event and that there are small refreshments. The event should be held in a safe space. Jeremy will be thinking through some organization around this event (once or twice next semester) to report at the next meeting.
    3. Faculty Annual Evaluation now includes a space for communicating how one has worked to address issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion!
      1. We need to ask, how will this information would be used? How can we get access to this information? Fantasy will follow up with Mike about this.
        1. Have a conversation with the faculty about this like a Q & A?
          1. Discussing with faculty: how can you make sure you attend to it this question adequately, dealing with the reaction from faculty, and what are people reporting?
    4. How do we collect information about what is happening in classrooms. We know that there are things happening, but how can we get people to report it?
      1. We currently have Google forms to collect this information, but how do we get people to use these forms? We need to advertise the forms more regularly and communicate that the reporting is so that we can know what type of issues are happening in the classroom to address them from a climate, education, and research standpoint in our department.
    5. How do we communicate resources to the faculty to build capacity. And what type of resources are needed?
      1. Suggestions: mentoring, classroom experiences, difficult discussions, how to set syllabus up, how to integrate conversations into lecture
      2. Jean mentioned that she is currently charged with reporting what she learns about equity, diversity, and inclusion in the classroom out to her department and that she would like to do this at a faculty meeting. She is unsure of when this will happen, but it will likely be in March or April.
      3. Have faculty contribute ideas of content to include into their courses to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion
        1. Solicit this information from a Google form and ask if they would be willing to share these ideas with other faculty at a teaching event/forum. Beth suggests that this is similar to an event that Ev Worthington previously organized. We can have faculty demonstrate their teaching practices or lessons that can be useful to other faculty. Possible event in the spring. We will revisit at the next meeting.

Unresolved Business

  1. Social Engagement Committee — Communicate on the next time to have a meeting to plan for Game Times in the spring semester and any other social activities that we believe may further the mission
  2. Ram Pages Update — Christina, please update us on the progress of creating this.
    1. Ram Pages for the committee should be developed to include:
      1. Profiles of committee members
      2. Committee Meeting Minutes
      3. Upcoming Events


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