November 12, 2018

In attendance: Fantasy Lozada, Jared Keeley, Bryce McLeod, Nao Hagiwara, Christina Barnett, Jen Joy-Gaba, Stephanie Romo, Jeremy Bersall, Jean


  • Recaps
  • Inaugural Documentary Meeting


        1. Event went very well and lots of positive feedback was given. Not a lot attendance, but a lot of great discussion
        2. Mike Ransome as a potential speaker in the future


  • Reverse Trick or Treating – successful, low-cost event. Committee agreed that it would be great to do a holiday version of this event. See below at “Spreading Holiday Cheer w/ Cookies.
  • Speaker Series Sub-Committee Update – Nao, Christina, Rachael, Jean


      1. Discussion of who will be the chair – because cannot find someone to lead the group. Suggestion for the entire committee to be involved
      2. Resources to help with our event planning
        1. Google Form for planning all of the events – Stephanie Romo sent to committee
        2. Staff Duties – Email sent by Corey at the beginning of the semester
      3. Date constraints for future events
        1. Plan around the upcoming interviews
      4. Event Ideas:
        1. Self-care events (e.g., yoga, coloring event, etc.)
        2. Panels: self-care, work-life balance, mentoring, what is it like to be a “____” in academia
      5. Planning for next event:
        1. Event for November 26th at 10 am – 11:30 am – documentaries and discussion on Intersecting Identities and Academia
    1. Communication from committee
      1. Fantasy suggests that if individuals from the committee are heading up certain events that they be the one to communicate about the event to the department to avoid any delays or lag in communication that happen by waiting for Fantasy to send out event information
      2. If needing to send information out to the graduate students, send this information to the grad student reps to put on the listserv


  • Next Meeting – December 17th – Zoom Meeting
  • Nominations and Elections for Student Rep Co-Chair – Voting on December 17th
  • Spreading Holiday Cheer w/ cookies – Thursday, December 6 at noon


      1. Bakers – Jen will bake 2 batches of cookies, Stephanie will make some muffins, Fantasy will make cookies
      2. Spreading the cheer – Jared & Jeremy/ Christina & Fantasy


  • Diversity Committee Newsletter Sub-Committee Update


      1. Christina will reach out to Stephanie Hart to make sure that the RamPages can be linked from the Psychology Department website to ensure that we can put up to date info from the committee
      2. We will send this site out to the department once it is created as an introduction to the committee


  • Social Engagement Sub-Committee Update


      1. Game Time – total amount of people about 20 – very successful
        1. Plan for January for next event – possibly before classes start


  • Discussion of Committee Office Hours


    1. Maybe setting up a space to do it once or twice a semester – “Coffee Hour with the Diversity Committee”
    2. Send out an email introducing the committee and stressing a “by appointment”
      1. or calendly can be used
    3. Discussion of what the purpose of these hours are — is this consistent with our mission statement?
  1. Larger conversation about how we can be a part of policy change and shift at the Department level and even at the college level
      1. Discussion of the new strategic plans containing a pillar of “Excellence through Diversity”
      2. Suggestion to help department operationalize what this excellence would look like in our department as we can use this to leverage more resources to make this a reality
      3. Suggestion to collect qualitative data from faculty and students about how issues of diversity are integrated into the work (research, mentoring, teaching) they do, and roles they play using the strategic plan pillar as a frame
        1. distinct from any form of evaluation of faculty and staff
        2. Use data to educate the faculty about what diversity, inclusion, and equity looks like in the future. Create buy-in for ways to integrate diversity into teaching statement and/or for evaluation purposes


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