October 8, 2018

In attendance: Fantasy Lozada, Jared Keeley, Bryce McLeod, Nao Hagiwara, Christina Barnett, Rachel Boutte


  • Committee Chair Meeting with Psych Department Chair
      1. Thoughts about Speaker Series
        1. Be mindful of potential faculty search interview days at the end of the semester
        2. Mondays @ 10 am (on non-faculty meeting days) may be a good time for some events; Fridays may be another possibility
        3. Event Coordination: Reach out to Christian for events of 50+ people, if food and refreshments will be provided, and if wanting to do advertising on the main screen in White House
      2. Reinforcing attendance for Committee events
        1. For faculty: In departmental meeting encourage faculty to write a service statement that includes their attendance at these events
          1. Expressed hesitancy to having attendance mentioned in the same way as PSYC 451 capstone judging – still perceived as punishment when it is not mentioned in evaluation
        2. For students: Provide examples of service statements they can write for their own evaluations that include attendance at these events
      3. Discussion of the new strategic plans containing a pillar of “Excellence through Diversity”
        1. Suggestion to help department operationalize what this excellence would look like in our department as we can use this to leverage more resources to make this a reality
        2. Suggestion to collect qualitative data from faculty and students about how issues of diversity are integrated into the work (research, mentoring, teaching) they do, and roles they play using the strategic plan pillar as a frame
          1. distinct from any form of evaluation of faculty and staff
          2. Use data to educate the faculty about what diversity, inclusion, and equity looks like in the future. Create buy-in for ways to integrate diversity into teaching statement and/or for evaluation purposes
      4. Encouraging actionable items in statements we send out on current events (similar to what we have done in the past)
      5. Invite Chair to future meetings?
  • Speaker Series Sub-Committee Update
      1. Fantasy to send out survey to faculty and students about speaker
      2. Documentary screening slated for 10/22  (Fantasy + 1 more volunteer needed to moderate)
        1. Fantasy to send out list of potential films for committee feedback by cob 10/8
        2. Nao to coordinate with Christian about room scheduling
        3. Action item: Committee to brainstorm outside attendee to attend/facilitate
  • Diversity Committee Newsletter Sub-Committee Update
      1. Correspondence happened via email – discussion of potential chairs for the subcommittee
      2. Collection of other diversity newsletters from other universities
      3. Problem-solving with the larger committee
        1. Scope of newsletter
          1. 1st Newsletter – introduction of the committee
            1. Each person can say something about who they are and why we care about these issues
          2. Description of Committee events
            1. Can include other campus-wide events or other community events
          3. Perspective pieces
          4. Reminder of links to report
          5. Departmental/university/community events
          6. Highlighting and reminder of resources – create a link with the resources and share on the newsletter
        2. Where would it be housed?
          1. RamPages could be a good place for us to start disseminating information regularly
        3. Social Media Presence tied to this?
          1. Could reach out to speaker from CHI on social media presence
          2. Twitter? Facebook?
  • Social Engagement Sub-Committee Update
      1. We will meet and update committee via email
  • Discussion of Committee Office Hours
    1. Rachel will send out a Doodle poll to find out when pairs could be available
    2. Location of drop ins? A starbucks?
    3. Can announce during 22nd event
    4. Can hold one now for Cavanaugh Confirmation – Wednesday 1:00-2:00 pm (Nao and Christina); White House Basement? Fantasy can do 10-11 on Wednesday.


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