November 11, 2019

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes
11/12/2019 Online
Note: This meeting was held virtually through google docs as there was a search committee colloquium for a potential

Meeting Items:
1. Look at CTLE to determine if there are resources to post on the website for classroom support around discussing sensitive topics. Follow-up?
2. Creating an Event Calendar for Psychology/campus events for departmental access
a. Josh will check with Jennifer Elswick to determine if we can send her events that support the committee. Follow-up?
3. Faculty and students support for handling difficult conversations
a. Consider having a discussion or activity during a faculty meeting. Follow-up: Mike is willing to have us do this and suggested February as a target.
b. LaToya will follow up with facilitators of Cultural Competence Training that takes place for advisors to determine if they would do a short training for Psychology faculty. Follow-up:
c. Briana will follow up with Zewe about using the graduate forum as a time to have a discussion about handling difficult conversations. Follow-up for a possible date?
4. Follow up on past/upcoming activities
a. Reverse trick-or-treating was held on 10/31. Beth and Caroline debrief.
i. Game day went well from all accounts. Just the 2 of us. Caroline created a how-to doc for future use. We distributed ~100 bags at all 5 buildings.
b. Game night was held on 11/8. Jared, Gabby, Briana, Morgan, and Alex attended
i. Fun was had but not much engagement from other department members.
ii. Next year choose a restaurant/off campus? Different time? Day of week?
5. Speaker series and Communication
a. Josh is going to follow up about a speaker series but we need to look at what is out there so not to duplicate. Follow-up:
b. LaToya check with Peter about having a spot in the newsletter for PrEDI and tie in monthly themes and upcoming events. Follow-up?
6. Regarding tracking PrEDI events in the future from Mike: “Collecting names can be done in a way to provide shout outs as well as a way for the committee to track events (and day/time combos) that get more or less engagement. And the way of collecting can reflect that focus. Glad to think with you more about it, but I think you can be clear what your intentions are.” Thoughts?
7. New Business
a. Date for the December Meeting: This is tricky since we have an additional faculty meeting. We can attempt an 8 AM meeting on either Monday Dec 2 or Monday Dec 9. We can also try for Wednesday Dec 4 in the morning. Can you let us know a preference? We can also try to zoom those of you who can’t make it .
b. Other items?
i. Date for end of the semester treats is Dec 4. Please bring any candy/cookies to Christian by 8 AM Dec 4 so LaToya and Jen can put the bags together.
ii. Monquell Middleton serves as the Program Manager for the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. She and Sarah Burton-Everette are in the process of creating initiatives that will support male identified students of color at VCU on both the MCV and Monroe Park Campuses. To this end, he is providing listening groups. His hope is that through these sessions he can create reports that will inform faculty and staff of the respective departments about how they could support this group of students. Monquell is happy to discuss more about what can be accomplished with these Listening Groups in a future meeting. Thoughts?

Action Items
1. Please take note of the follow-ups and comment if you have information or would like to add a suggestion.

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