September 14, 2020

Present: Jennifer Joy-Gaba, Irene Jacobs, LaToya Davis, Fantasy Lozada, Jared Keeley, Vicky Shivy, Caroline Cobb, Joshua Langberg, Amanda Parks, Ashley MacPherson, and Rebecca Hoppe

  • Welcome to new members
    • New student members Amanda Parks, Ashley MacPherson, and Rebecca Hoppe
  • Election of new chair
    • Fantasy Lozada is chair for the 2020-2021 academic year
  • Goals for this academic year
    • Having at least one training per year for faculty and students and sending a survey to students for potential training topics
    • Structural changes within the department- what does PrEDI want to look at and make meaningful change
    • Having a diversity statement as a part of the application for incoming graduate students.
    • Consistent messaging- what is our process, being proactive around upcoming election, monthly messaging with resources, events, actions items, highlight certain groups each month with information and resources speaking events on a Sept. newsletter
    •                                           i. Newsletter committee- possibly include metrics that PrEDI is examining/following and how we are addressing those metrics (plan)
    •                                          ii. Create a template for use. Newsletter should include a spotlight on resources, upcoming events, information on marginalized groups
  • Data gathering about student/faculty experience- we discussed when the last annual climate survey went out and what goes out to undergraduates. Suggestions for data gathering include pulling data from Banner, Navigate, request from IRDS, and looking at the fees at graduate and undergraduate level (and how changes in fees are communicated to students)
  • Function of committee- we reviewed the mission statement and how to remain consistent in messaging around important social, University, and departmental events/changes
  • D/F/W rates- providing more information to faculty on how D/F/W impacts students financially, completion rate, helping graduate students who teach how to manage passive students,
  • Faculty evaluation- will evaluations capture the online platform of courses

Action Items

Newsletter committee- LaToya (create template) Amanda, Ashley, Irene, and Caroline

Welcome back email- Caroline

Messaging around voting- Rebecca, Beth, and Fantasy

Reports/Data- LaToya (academic probation, suspension, warning), Josh will pull demographic information for classes with a high D/F/W rate

Diversity Statement/Election activities at the college level – Josh will follow up to determine plans for CHS, Irene will assist with the diversity statement

**Next meeting**

Revisit the student chair

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