Nugget #1: As We May Think

“All this complication is needed because of the clumsy way in which we have learned to write figures. If we recorded them positionally, simply by the configuration of a set of dots on a card, the automatic reading mechanism would become comparatively simple. In fact if the dots are holes, we have the punched-card machine long ago produced by Hollorith for the purposes of the census, and now used throughout business. Some types of complex businesses could hardly operate without these machines.”


This is the punched card Tabulator.


This is the punched card.

Bush was spot on when it came to predicting how we were going to obtain information. Although he was limited to what he knew in 1945, ┬áhe really was not far off since the early “computers” of the time were already there (hole-punched cards). Eventually, all of this lead to more easy access to information. It’s neat to read this and have the knowledge of what has happened since the dawn of the modern computer and the PC.

8 thoughts on “Nugget #1: As We May Think

  1. Since he was so spot on when predicting this, it makes me wonder what he may have to say about the way technology has progressed since then.

  2. Advances in technology we have now compared to back then is just crazy, especially going from a punched card and tabulator to Macs and other devices we have now that store information.

  3. It is interesting to see how correct he was with his predictions. If he was around now, I wonder if he could predict what advances in technology we will have in the coming years.

  4. I like this quote because he was very right and so it makes you think about some of the things we think about that may actually be possible, something like a time traveling machine. You just never know.

  5. It always amazes me when predictions about something so complicated become so accurate. There are so many factors that go into how something is designed that it really makes me wonder how someone’s brain could skip the design practice and get to the final product.

  6. I think the reason why his predictions were all accurate is because everything he prediction is what man really need. If something is useful, why wouldn’t we try to invent it? Bush just knew what the needs for future generations.

  7. I agree with both you and what Jaffeywang commented. It is very interesting to see how Bush predicted what was going to happen in regards to the innovation in technology; however, I believe the reason for this is, just like Jaffeywang said, because he knew the needs of humanity and of course if humans need something they will create things to cater to these needs.

  8. All the predictions he made about how inventions was going to progress over years are really taking shape in the future. I always admire and find the stories behind how people first came up with the idea, how they actually brought that ideas to life are very interesting.

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