How Do I Live Online

I have been using Instagram for exactly 194 weeks now and it may be my favorite social networking site of all. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Instagram, it’s sort of like twitter for pictures. They do say a picture is worth a million words. Thats sounds a lot better than squishing words together because of a 140 character limit.

Just like on twitter, you can follow friends and acquaintances on Instagram, and you can comment on other people’s photos.  I didn’t know this when i first downloaded the app. I thought it was an app that is used just to edit photos. Not knowing that the whole world can view my posts, I would edit and post tons of pictures a day. I love taking photographs. I also love to edit them on my free time so you can only imagine how many pictures I would post daily. One day, I was feeling spontaneous and I got a tattoo. I hadn’t told anyone about it but they all found out anyway because I posted it for the world to see on Instagram. Lets just say my parents weren’t as excited as i was about my new ink. After that, I learned what Instagram really was and I loved it!

The reason I am smitten with the app is that I find, since I’ve been using it, I am much more aware of how filled with loveliness my life is. When you start looking for beauty and whimsy and grace to share with others you find them all in abundance. Instagram reminds me to be grateful for this amazing life I get to live!

I’ve posted some of my posts here, Enjoy!

  IMG_9627IMG_9632 IMG_9623 IMG_9625 IMG_9628 IMG_9629 IMG_9630 IMG_9626 IMG_9624

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