How Does It Feel When I Think


I’ve never really thought about how it feels to think. There is a feeling, a thinking feeling, but that changes with each thought. Sometimes it’s pleasant, and sometimes you just can’t stop thinking and the horrible feeling you get from the thoughts wont stop. My best “thinking feelings” come when I have new ideas, when I’m creating something wonderful, or when I know I am solving any type of problem correctly. This would be considered interest, a thinking emotion. This is when I don’t want to stop thinking. My mind is exploring and it’s a great feeling. I also enjoy the late night thoughts. When I’m lying in bed late at night and I have a million thoughts a minute. This ranges from thoughts about the meaning of life and philosophy to what I want to wear to work tomorrow. It’s a good feeling, its like free-falling through your thoughts. It’s relaxing, up until I start to worry. This is when thinking becomes unpleasant for me. Thinking isn’t always sunshine and happiness, it can become quite unpleasant, hard and regretful. This is when I do anything I can to stop thinking. For example, when I worry, I feel unpleasant. I become upset, stressed, and very anxious.

In the end, thinking emotions can change in a second, it all just comes down to the thoughts.

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  1. It’s interesting to me you comment on how your thoughts are connected to your emotions because that’s exactly what we were discussing in a psychology class I’m taking this week. More specifically, the professor was discussing how in ancient Greece most philosophers thought emotions were not part of the so-called “rational mind” and in fact had to be controlled by it. To me that seems so further from the truth…Like you, my thoughts influence my emotions all the time, even more when these thoughts are worried ones. Btw, love the vines!

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