Concept Experience #2: Associative Trail


  1. Digital Media

  1. Social Media

  1. Social Media Intelligence

  1. List Of Intelligence Gathering Disciplines

  1. Refugees

  1. NGOs

  1. Clean Drinking Water

  1. Pennsylvania

  1. Auntie Annes Pretzels

  1. FDC



This assignment was fairly simple because all I had to do was read, follow my interests and repeat. As I continued reading and clicking, I noticed how far away I strayed from digital media, which was what I started off with. It does look random, since it starts with digital media and ends with the FDC. I stayed focused on similar topics for a bit, I didn’t stray from intelligence for a couple of links until I switched off to NGOs. My list of links becomes random after I read about clean drinking water. However, I am pleased with what all my searching led me to. I am looking forward to joining the peace corps after graduation so its clear that I enjoy learning about topics like the FDC, refugees and clean drinking water because these are things that I would be working with fairly soon. It’s like my computer knows me and what I am interested in; we worked together. I chose what I found interesting only after the computer gave me the options to choose from based off of my previous selection. Both the computer and I were in charge of this. My thoughts and interests led to the final result, but without the computer producing the extra links, I’d most likely still have been looking at the Digital Media page that I started out with.

9 thoughts on “Concept Experience #2: Associative Trail

  1. I tried to focus on the similar topic as well. It’s interesting that if you don’t focus on the topic you have, you will ends up on a random topic which has nothing to do with the original topic at all. I guess from doing this activity, we gotta learn how to focus on our main topic and not getting lost.

  2. I think your associative trail is very interesting because it varies a lot and you have one link about Auntie Anne’s pretzels which is very different from clean drinking water and refugees. This trail is different from the ones I’ve seen so far so that was interesting to see.

  3. I did the same thing, I went from digital media to a page about The Apple of Discord. It’s interesting how this post shows a way into a person’s mind and what their likes and dislikes are. I think the most random link in this Associative Trail is the Auntie Anne’s link because the other links have some kind of relation.

  4. I think social media has a lot to do with your future work in the Peace Corps. For one you will probably use it to stay in touch with your family and friends, but also social media is a great tool for spreading awareness about areas of the world that need our help. Every so often a story will come up on the news on how people collected x amount of money after seeing/reading about an area in conflict or a refugee etc.

  5. I could clearly see the pattern you described as you chose your links. This is a very interesting trial. Did you purposefully seek out topics related to your Peace Corps work, or did it just happen naturally?

  6. Even though you started to with digital media which is something similar I did you somehow ended with something you are really interested in. Besides the Auntie Anne’s link, I can see how all your other ones blend in to what you plan to do in your future!

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  8. I like the variety of your topics and how you are in charge of where you would links to get to. Your interest is interesting.

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