Concept Experience 3: Connect Your Colleagues


It was a bit difficult for me to find connections with two of my peers’ blogs. After some time and going through numerous blogs, some even twice, I was able to find two blogs that I shared something in common with. In my Associative Trails post, most of my links related to what I wanted to do with my life career wise. I stumbled upon clean drinking water, refugees and the FDC which all relates to what I want to do in the Peace Corps after graduation. . Lauramarie and kdurante did the same. After looking closely at both of their Associative Trail posts, I noticed that they both also chose links that related to their career paths. Lauramarie chose links that related to law enforcement because she is a criminal justice major and Kdurante ended their search with dentistry. Just like me, they both chose links relating to their goals, aspirations and what they’re working toward.

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