Concept Experience 8

Reading through all of the comments I think majority of the class agrees that Tubb’s essay is very clear and well written and the use of personal experience makes it more engaging and relatable, therefore I was not lost or uninterested in any part of his essay. One of my peers comments that struck out to me was “I agree that social media is a great platform to speak out your own voice, but I don’t think that you voice will be heard ALL ROUND THE WORLD. .”  written by jaffeywang. I feel like we tend to forget that there is more to the world than just the western world. Women’s rights and feminism is a big problem here, however, it is a bigger problem in other parts of the world. Consider the middle east and how oppressed the women there are. However, I know from personal experience that many women in some parts of the Middle East slowly, but surely do have access to the Internet and do use these tools to their advantage. For example, several months ago a young woman was beaten to death on the streets of Afghanistan by hundreds of men. Women all throughout Afghanistan started to protest and demanded justice for the young girl and her family. Years ago, this would not have been able to happen. These people are educating themselves from the Internet and learning about how they can act on their rights. Although, there are still places in the world where people do not have access to this sort of information, we can remind ourselves that eventually there will be a way and that social media will be the way to get that information across.

-Tubb writing style is what has the reader’s attention. His use of words and his format is more laid back. It is more relatable, it looks and sounds less like a research paper and more like an article that would be found on Huffington post. It seemed like he was actually interested in his research which made the writing more passionate.

– Tubbs started his paper with personal experiences, which led him to his topic: feminism. By doing this, he keeps his audience intrigued and allows them to relate to his experience. They also get more background on his views on the issue before and after his research. He explains how his use of social media changed his opinions, and how important the role of social media is on society today. They also get more background on his views on the issue before and after his research.

– I was most interested in the “Marginalized Minds” section because it really branches off the whole personal experience and uses many factors to support his ideas.

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