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Are you interested in adding to the VCU Writes! project? We welcome contributions! If you submit your work to us, the following will apply:
: Work will be included on
VCU Writes! at the discretion of the VCU Writes! team. Not all submissions will be published.
: All
VCU Writes! content, with the exception of student example work, will be licensed under the same Creative Commons terms as the rest of the site.  This means that your work will also be CC-licensed, and can be used and adapted by others without your express permission.
Editorial Control:
By submitting your work to
VCU Writes!, you are giving editorial control over your work to the Focused Inquiry Textbook Committee.  We may need to edit your work or change how it is represented to help it meet the needs of our project.  Because your work becomes CC-licensed when you submit it to us, you have given us permission to adapt your work to our needs.  Many people submitting work under a CC license for the first time may find this a little uncomfortable. You retain the right to edit your work on your own and make any future projects with it where you will retain copyright, but you will not be able to control how VCU Writes! displays your contribution.
Credit or Attribution:
You may choose whether your name is listed as a creator on work that is submitted to
VCU Writes!. We will permanently attach your name to a given piece of content or remove it based on your preference at time of submission. If you choose to attach your name, the attribution will read “Adapted from content by [your name].” This means that you can claim your work here as a publication credit on your CV/resumé or other institutional paperwork. If other creators add to or edit your original work, they may choose to be added as creators on that content, so we cannot guarantee you exclusive authorial credit for your submitted work for the life of the site.
To contribute to
VCU Writes!, submit your proposal here.
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