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Citations & Style FI Terminology How Do I?
We get a lot of questions from our students about citation, terminology, and the general “how to” stuff that comes along with being a successful college student. On the pages in this section of VCU Writes, we’ve tried to address the ones we hear most often. The grey buttons above will direct you to the appropriate Q & A page to help you find what you need.
  • Citations & Style addresses some of the most common challenges/questions about using citations in your work. (You can find even more info to help with citations in our Citation Guides section.)
  • FI Terminology provides definitions for a lot of the terms we toss around in Focused Inquiry (FI) on a regular basis.
  • How Do I? Provides tips for being a successful student, with topics ranging from how to use Blackboard to where to find computers or printers on campus.
While we hope we’ve covered most of your questions, it’s quite possible we’ve missed something. We want this site to be the best possible resource for you, so if you have a question that hasn’t been addressed somewhere on the site, please consider contacting us and offering a suggestion.
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