Week 5- LMS

As a former K-12 student, I have never used a learning management system. In college, I’ve used tools such as Blackboard and LON-CAPA, which are designed for students to review content, complete assignments and where instructors can manage grading all in one system. They helped because it was easier to locate online classroom materials on one website. The students at my school in practicum A use learning management systems such as Schoology, Clever and Razzkids to access different activities and review games for an array of subjects. They use Pebble Go for research-based lessons and activities and it teaches them to utilize reliable resources in a day and age where information is scattered across the web and it can be hard to tell which information is true and which is biased or fictitious. All of these LMSs are not used to teach the students new material, but for evaluation, assessment, and research. Using similar websites would be practical for me as an instructor because they teach students how to work independently through engaging online material and it is easy to see which students have mastered the content and which need remediation.

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  1. Do you see LMS as a tool to easily administer remediation?

  2. Are all of the products you listed LMSs? How would you define an LMS?

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