Week 8

Google Sheet Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xNWYcRLdz4RmfvhK4os8weky_8psS1HOB_lGVcPNIbw/edit#gid=0


Activity: https://create.kahoot.it/share/counting-forward-by-ones-to-110/10a45188-3471-467e-9811-45fb16825c91

SOL 1.1 The student will
a) count forward orally by ones to 110, starting at any number between 0 and 110


Students must predict the correct order of a stated number pattern by placing the given four numbers in the correct order based on the number pattern. Using a tablet, they will answer the k! jumble question on kahoot.it to predict the correct order of the number pattern, counting forward by ones.

If this were a 1-1 ratio school, where every student had access to an iPad or computer, this assessment would best be suited as a warm-up for students before beginning regular math lessons for the day because everyone would be able to participate. Otherwise, this lesson could be a center where each student uses a tablet or computer to enter their answers, complete the activity and keep score.


We chose Kahoot.com because its a simple, engaging website where students can unscramble answers and gauge their knowledge of patterns and number sense. It only takes 60 seconds per question and can be used as a quick warm-up. When I took the assessment myself, I noticed the game based my score on not only if I got the answer right, but also how long it took to complete each question. This allows students to improve on assessing number patterns at an accelerated pace. Materials required at least one computer and a tablet or iPhone for participants.

TPK- Using technology to assess and instruct students on quickly order numbers correctly to develop primal mathematical skills.

TCK- knowledge of how to develop a number pattern through Kahoot.com and make it into an online activity.

PCK- Instructing students on number patterns and how we count numbers forward by ones.

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  1. Hi Katie! I think this is a great lesson and would be great as a formative assessment. It can be used as a warm-up as you have said, but it could also be a review game before a test or quiz. It gets their brain going and helps reinforce any questions that they may have had. You could also use a Brainpop or a a jeopardy game as a formative assessment. I think kahoots are great and students really love the competition with their peers.

  2. I cant access the spreadsheet. Can you move it to a folder that anyone can access?

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