A PLN is a great way to connect with educators across the world from different backgrounds and perspectives. Educators can receive guidance, inspiration and create a community online. One can explore other individuals with similar career paths and passions and stay globally connected through the use of an online support network. When starting this assignment, I started following educators on Twitter that I read about during each step. Over the course of the next few days, I had numerous responses from individuals online wanted to start a dialogue. For instance, there was a thread of people thanking me for connecting with them and asking what I was reading. Some else by the name Rebecca Mieliwocki recommended a list of other educators to follow with similar backgrounds. It’s a quick and easy way to make connections and share ideas.

While networking online and gaining followers, I also delved into using hashtags after reading step four. I joined a chat under the hashtag “kinderchat” where I engaged in a discussion on gender roles and how they affect young children in lower grades. Step 5 discussed blogs, which presents information that documents growth over a period of time, such as our e-Portfolios. One tip that I learned through reading that stuck with me is updating consistently and gaining feedback through comments. I follow a blog on Twitter called “Early Years” (@EarlyYearsEW). One blog post I found interesting was offering apprenticeships to individuals interested in teaching young children. They are financially supported and learn on the job through training and mentorship.

Curation involves managing content and filtering through Twitter. I don’t put any filters on my professional twitter account, however, on my private Twitter I block certain content so it doesn’t appear on my feed and follow hashtags or phrases that do appear in my preferred feed. It’s content that is relevant to me.

In conclusion, this assignment was fun and engaging. I wasn’t expecting to get any attention when I followed all those people on Twitter and it was nice to make those connections.