There are certain overlaps in the Virginia Computer Science Standards and goals found in  Both sites give emphasis on programming through gathering data, organization, and problem solving, which is crucial when students are learning to block code. For instance, in my practicum class during library, the second graders were using Ozobots, where students use markers to create coding for the robot to travel by scanning the color pattern on paper. The librarian told me she uses Ozobots for sowing the levels of the ocean floor; the Ozobots follow the coding drawn by the student to show the levels of the ocean floor.  This activity demonstrates the relationship between technology and science and how it is used to teach, through creating their own patterns through the construction of their own program.

Teach students using both the computer science standards as well as the philosophies from  emphasize the use of computational thinking, problem-solving, programming concepts, and digital citizenship. Computing can fulfill all subjects such as math, science, art, and English. Students must be well educated in the world of technology in order to enter the workforce of the 21st century according to Code. org. An introduction to the use of technology to educate students helps develop algorithmic skills such as the development of patterns and spatial skills (the relationship between the movement of a Sphero and the block code created.)