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Weekly Blog Post #4

A SOL I chose for my 3D printing lesson was VS.2f, which is describing how archeologists have recovered new material evidence at sites including Werowocomoco and Jamestown. Werowocomoco…

Week 3 Blog Post

SOL 1.10 Civics 1.10 The student will apply the traits of a good citizen by a) focusing on fair play, exhibiting good sportsmanship, helping others, and treating others…

TPACK Blog Post

Our TPACK lesson revolves around SOL  3.11a, where the student will be able to tell time to the nearest minute. Content includes knowledge of AM and PM, the…

TEDU 510-Week 1

A social media account is a way for students, parents, and teachers to connect online. Most websites used in elementary school are mainly to give updates to the parents….

Kaitlin Via

This is a test

Topic #8- Electricity and Magnetism

The purpose of this activity is to create an electromagnet using an object with a lower magnetic field. In this activity, we assembled an electromagnet and a loudspeaker….

Topic #9- Sound and Light

The purpose of this activity is to observe how light rays reflect off of a mirror surface. Light is an electromagnetic wave. Visible light has a wavelength of…

Topic #9- Sound and Light

The purpose of the activity is to understand the concept of different types of waves, wavelength, pitch, and frequency. Sound is a pressure wave that causes vibrations. There…

Topic #8- Electricity and Magnetism

For this activity, it is important for students to know the two poles of a magnet and what they are called (North and South). Opposite poles attract and…

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