Simmel blase attitude

Simmel described blase attitude as an attitude of absolute boredom and lack of concern.  He goes on and states that we have limited emotional resources and are only able to give/care so much. Simmel explains it as a multiple stimuli and at the final step we withdraw emotionally. After reading this article, I could see the relations it has with blase attitude and the bystander effect. Simmel talks about how we withdraw emotionally due to changes in knowledge, culture and how we are faced with diverse people and circumstances. Although, the police had received 3 calls, they did not give the proper location of Mr. Tale-Yax. Despite the unhelpful calls, numerous people past this man and did not take a moment to react or simply offer him some help. This falls into the bystander effect, because one person is thinking that the other people who are seeing/passing this man in distress are going to stop and do something. We are emotionally withdrawn from this situation. Also, people say they didn’t stop because of there are numerous homeless men in this area and some say they thought he was drunk. Since, Mr. Tale-Yax was stabbed I wonder if people did not see him bleeding or if they did and still decided not to seek him for this man. The concern here is the lack of concern within our society.

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