WORTE  (One post per day: July 2 - July 30)

Documenting every day of your in-country experience is something of wonder and beauty! It also provides you the perfect opportunity to reflect on what you've seen, experienced, acquired, thought, learned or encountered that has made an impression.

The Assignment
Find one German word or phrase  that had an impact on your day. Write it down, and then write a post with the following in mind:

  • What does it mean, literally (provide the definition in English - great for building vocabulary), as well as figuratively?

  • Why and how does this word or phrase epitomize the day?

  • Are there any visuals (photo, video, sketch, etc.) that you'd want to add? (Feel free!)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to post each entry including the categories: "Vienna" & "Worte".

At the end of the program, you should have 28 entries! These are to be completed every day by midnight.  Your grade for this portion of the blog will be dependent on daily activity.

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