Pre-Departure Blog Assignment

In preparing for the study abroad trip this summer, now's the best time to delve into all things Viennese, and to get to know the city and its people before you arrive.

Your initial blog assignment is to highlight aspects of modern Vienna you've “discovered” through your research - interesting places, activities, events and cultural peculiarities you want to explore while there. All of your “findings” must share two common themes: modern-day Vienna, and Austrian culture. (Select things you will be able or would like to actually see/do/experience during July 2017.)

I. Create your Rampages blogsite, and use this address to link it to course website, if you have not already done so:

II. Research various websites focusing on Vienna, and then post 10 individual entries onto your blog, each entry highlighting something special that you want to visit, experience, taste, participate in, explore, etc.

Each entry must include:

1) what it is – including photo or short video

2) where it is – address/location

3) logistics: open days and hours, entrance fee costs, or festival dates, times, etc.)

4) why this is something you chose – IMPORTANT! Explain its significance in regard to who you are/how you intend to delve into Austrian culture on a personal level.

5) include the SOURCE of your information – IMPORTANT! Please do not forget to include the web, app, flickr, youtube or vimeo link!

The more unique your findings, the more interesting your presentation and our discussion will be. Do not focus on historical figures, or buildings alone. Delve into more in-depth exploration of what Vienna offers today that suits your individual interests, hobbies, and ignites your enthusiasm for the month to come.
This pre-departure assignment must include 10 different entries.
Each entry may consist of more than one video, link, photo, comment, etc. I will consider each theme as one entry. It's your space, and up to you as to how the blog will be organized.
This assignment constitutes 10% of your course grade, so start yourself off on a thoughtful and creative journey!



Class Meeting #3 - June 12th
GRACS (ASPIRE Building) , Room 1004H
2:00pm – 5:00pm

You will present a portion of your blog to the class on Monday, June 12th. Although we all will want to see your 10 entries, you will only be expected to present in detail your top 3 (favorite) entries. Each presentation should be approximately 10 - 15 minutes long.

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