Extra credit, Villa Block Party, e-Portfolios and hours logs

Folks, remember that hours logs and e-portfolios are (ideally) due Monday the 30th. We are looking forward to the Villa Block Party (on May 2nd). For more information, ask one of the planners: Alyssa, Tianna, Greer, or Cecil. I hope you’ll also attend the FI Expo for extra credit!!! It will be held on Wednesday, May 2nd in the Commons. (Yes, this is the same … Continue reading Extra credit, Villa Block Party, e-Portfolios and hours logs

Papers due Monday

PLEASE EVALUATE THIS CLASS: http://www.pubapps.vcu.edu/courseeval/student/ By class time on Monday, please complete and bring a paper copy of your unit 3 paper to class. It should include 5-7 pages that make an ethical argument. You should use credible sources to back up your claims in the paper, and cite all your sources appropriately. You need to include a References page. And finally, please write a self-assessment … Continue reading Papers due Monday

Body paragraph structure

Structure for your unit 3 paper! Follow the Toulmin: Intro, 3+ body paragraphs that cover your reasons, paragraphs covering counterarguments, then conclusion. DON’T FORGET TO INCORPORATE ETHICAL REASONING INTO YOUR PAPER SO YOU SHOW THAT YOU’RE BOTH “LOGICALLY” RIGHT, BUT ALSO ETHICALLY RIGHT! A good body paragraph should: Have a topic sentence that identifies the “reason” you’re addressing in this paragraph Explain exactly why this reason … Continue reading Body paragraph structure

For class Monday

For class on Monday, please read the Unit 3 assignments, both the presentation assignment and the Unit 3 paper assignment. We’ll discuss these assignments in class on Monday. Also, draft a body paragraph of your unit 3 paper and bring it to class on Monday (I recommend bringing laptops–we’ll be looking at parts of the paper throughout the class). Continue reading For class Monday

Conferences start Wednesday

As we discussed in class today, please write a (100-150 word) blog post where you reflect on the disciplinary approaches you observe at the Villa. What approaches do the staff seem to take? Does the Villa face the same issues raised in the podcast? What particular challenges do they face at the Villa, and what strategies might best support student growth? For privacy’s sake, obviously … Continue reading Conferences start Wednesday