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Want to win $1000 just for having a good idea?

Want to make VCU a safer and more welcoming place?

We need your help!

VCU School of the Arts and the VCU Police Department are cosponsoring a university-wide contest to see who can come up with the best idea for short videos to help combat catcalling (or other forms of unwanted public abuse).

The person who submits the best idea will win $1000 and the chance to have their ideas grow into something professionally produced and distributed by VCU.

Your videos might even be broadcast at upcoming VCU events, linked to VCU’s homepage, and shown at national conferences.

Enter as many times as you like!

We’re looking for good ideas. The more the better!



  1. Read and understand the Contest Terms and Conditions.
  2. Come up with a great idea about ways to make our campus safer and more welcoming. Topics might include:
    • responding to COVID-19
    • catcalling
    • consent
    • preventing sexual assault
    • bystander interventions
    • off-campus conduct
    • safety at night
    • combating dating violence and stalking
    • LGBT issues
    • or anything that makes VCU a safer community.
  3. Create a short video explaining or illustrating your idea (just use your phone to record a video of yourself explaining your idea, or – even better – shoot a rough draft of what it might look like). If you have any questions about how to create a video safely, contact Dr. Aaron Anderson ( Some examples of video ideas are on the links to the left under View Other People’s Submissions.
  4. Keep your video short (30 seconds to 1 minute). Video quality is unimportant. Only the idea matters. If you think your draft video isn’t good enough to demonstrate your idea, you can also submit an optional written description of what you think the professional version should look like (for instance, maybe special effects would make your idea even more awesome). You don’t have to be a great director to have a great idea. For this contest, your concept is more important than your directing ability!
  5. Ensure that no laws or policies were broken in the creation of your video.
  6. Ensure you own or hold all necessary rights to allow VCU permission to use and show your video.
  7. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo after you’ve read and understand the applicable terms of use.
  8. Submit your video using the link to the left (Submit Your Video) no later than May 22, 2020. Submit as many entries as you want (the more the better).
  9. If your concept video is accepted to the contest, we will make a link available to your video from this website.
  10. The winner will be announced by June 20, 2020 (every participant will receive notification of the results). VCU police will select the winner to receive $1000 and the opportunity to use your concept video as the basis for a final professional quality video to be used by VCU! Final videos will have your name prominently displayed as the director and will possibly be broadcast at special events, posted on VCU’s websites, and distributed nationally to increase campus safety across the nation.
  11. Brag to your family and friends that you are now a professional director – and that your work is helping to make the world a better place.

    “Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Shoot it on video if you have to. Put your name on it as director. Now you’re a director. Everything after that you’re just negotiating your budget and your fee.” 

    – James Cameron, director of Avatar, Titanic, True Lies, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Abyss, Aliens, The Terminator, and many more. (James isn’t affiliated with this contest. That’s just a great quote. And it’s true. Just by entering, you become a director. And even better, your ideas will make our campus a safer place for everyone!)

    What are you waiting for? Enter today!


Contest Terms and Conditions

  1. To enter the contest, complete the contest submission form in the link to the left including required contact information, summary of the campus problem and intervention, and strategy for encouraging views. All contest submissions must be submitted by midnight May 22, 2020. Incomplete entries will not be permitted, and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) reserves the right to disqualify any video on its sole discretion.
  2. Each video will be judged according to the following criteria: originality/creativity, relevance of the campus problem, and appropriateness of the proposed intervention.
  3. Prizes: One Grand Prize of $1000. The winner will be selected no later than June 20, 2020. VCU may select winning videos as the basis for professional quality videos to be produced by VCU.
  4. By entering the contest, you agree to comply with all terms and community guidelines of the applicable third party hosting site, and VCU is not responsible for any acts or omissions of the third party hosting site or any disputes between you and the third party hosting site.
  5. Content Restrictions: You may not submit a video that:
    • Infringes any third party’s copyrights or other rights (in other words, submit only videos you created yourself, and ensure you have permissions from all contributors and those depicted in your video prior to submission);
    • Contains sexually explicit content;
    • Contains hateful or defamatory content or incites hatred against any individual or group;
    • Exploits minors;
    • Depicts unlawful acts or extreme violence committed in the course of creating the video;
    • Depicts animal cruelty or extreme violence towards animals committed in the course of creating the video;
    • Violates any law in the creation, submission, or performance of the video.
  6. License granted by you. By submitting a video, you grant VCU and its affiliates a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to copy, transmit, distribute, publicly perform and display your video. Further, you grant VCU the right to make derivative works from your video, and you understand and agree that VCU has no obligation to show your video, use any portion of your video, or consult with you or use any of the individuals depicted in your video in order to make its own version of the video.
  7. Representations and warranties. You represent and warrant that:
    • You have the right to submit the video to VCU and grant the licenses set forth above;
    • VCU will not need to obtain licenses from any third party or pay royalties to any third party to use, display or make derivative works from your video;
    • The content in your video does not infringe any third party’s rights; and
    • The content in your video complies with these terms and all applicable laws.
  8. Governing law. The terms of this contest and this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia without regard to principles of conflicts of law. Nothing herein is intended to waive the sovereign immunity of the Commonwealth of Virginia or Virginia Commonwealth University.


Students who have experienced sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, harassment, or who have questions about relationships or supporting survivors can contact University Counseling Services Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Advocacy Program.

Confidential advocates are available by phone, email, or Zoom to support students. Advocates can provide accompaniments and support for the criminal or Title IX reporting process, medical or mental health care appointments; academic or housing accommodation requests, referrals to community providers, and more.

Advocates can be reached through the main counseling line at 804-828-6200 or at