Description: In this class  led by VA-LEND by  Social Work Faculty Matt Bogenschutz  students will:

1. Learn how to find and track legislation federally and in Virginia.

2.  Become familiar with action alert systems for common disability advocacy organizations.

3. Gain skills for formulating policy arguments.

4.  Learn strategies for influencing state policy makers

***Students should pick at least three of these to browse. PLEASE do this before class and have an idea of policy areas of interest to you. I would recommend looking at least one state website and at least one national site



Assignment:  2017 Leadership through legislative advocacy



Arc of the US, Legislative Action Center

Arc of Virginia current advocacy issues:

American Network of Community Options and Resources:

Autism Speaks Advocacy page:

National Down Syndrome Society Advocacy page:

AUCD Public Policy Center:

 National Alliance on Mental Illness (Virginia):

 Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered Policy Statements page: