Advanced Medium Term Trainees

2018-2019 Requirements for Advanced Medium Term Trainees (150 Hours)

Advanced Medium Trainees attend the first 6 sessions of Seminar I and the sessions related to the Family Mentorship Experience (Fall Semester, Wednesdays, 4:30 pm – 32 hours).  In addition,  trainees enroll in and attend all sessions of Seminar II (Spring Semester, Wednesdays, 4:30 pm – 60 hours). Trainees are required to observe at 2 LEND Interdisciplinary Clinics and 1 Autism Clinic are required. (34 hours).  In the family mentorship experience the trainee maintains regular contact throughout the year with a family who has a child with special needs.  Through home visits, shared activities and telephone contacts, the family will mentor the student about the realities of rearing a child with a disability. Trainees are also required to investigate current and proposed public policy initiatives as they apply to children and youth with disabilities and their families. This can be done through attendance at the annual Disability Policy Forum in Washington, DC or through state and national learning opportunities about policy in action. (24 hours) Download DocumentVa-LEND Advanced Medium Term Trainees 

Length of Time: 2 semesters (Fall and Spring).

Va-LEND Financial Support:  Trainees enrolled as full time graduate students absorb the tuition cost of Seminar II through their full time tuition.  A stipend in the amount of $250 is provided.

Requirements for Admission:  Must be in a graduate level degree program.

Who Should Apply:  Graduate level students enrolled at VCU or doing a clinical rotation at VCU.

NOTE:  Only 2-4 Advanced Medium Term Trainees are accepted each year.

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