Visual Poetry Definition

Visual poetry is poetry that has a visual component, whether it’s shown in the actual form of the poem (such as Il Pleut), or if it has an accompanying image (like the Shield of Achilles). Visual poetry can also be when you find meaning in someone else’s words and emphasize the ones that stand out to you, (e.g. Found Poetry) or lack of words (Silencio). In Visual poetry, the poetry is not only for your listening pleasure, but also your viewing pleasure. It urges you to think about what has been left out, what has been included, and in some cases repeated or emphasized, and what the author (or curator) may want you to take away from that. It’s much more interactive that classic, or conventional poetry, because there is more left to the imagination, and even more up for interpretation. Visual design is more closely related to graphic design, and it doesn’t have as much of a poetic element. Although, as human beings, we are inclined to search for meaning in everything, visual design is more for the sake of the design than it is the poem. Visual poetry is explicitly left up for interpretation, whereas visual design is meant to take on the specific form.

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