The current study

This website was created to serve as a hub for the current study on Black LGBTQ community belongingness. On this site, you can (1) click on the link below to participate in this study with a chance to win a $25 gift card, (2) return to this site for study updates and findings, and (3) learn a little more about the aims of this research and the researcher conducting this study.

What is this study about?

In this research, the term “community” refers to identity-based communities, such as a Black community or an LGBTQ+ community. We know that people often lean on community to deal with the stressors of everyday life and this is especially true for people identifying with stigmatized and marginalized groups. Black LGBTQ individuals, having multiple stigmatized and marginalized identities, often report experiencing unique challenges in connecting with these identity-based communities due to intersectional identities as both Black AND LGBTQ. The current study is particularly interested in exploring the role that feelings or perceptions of one’s belonging to these communities play in coping, mental health, and overall well-being for Black LGBTQ people. Developing a better understanding of the intersectional experiences of belonging to or creating community for Black LGBTQ individuals can help us think about ways to develop programs, services, and spaces that are informed by and tailored to these unique experiences.

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Who is conducting this study?

Keith J. Watts (he/him) is a Ph.D. candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. His research focuses on the mental health and well-being experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals, including LGBTQ+ youth, students, and people of color. He is passionate about expanding our knowledge and understanding of the social and material needs of LGBTQ people with a particular emphasis on those with multiply marginalized identities – such as Black and LGBTQ. To learn more about Keith click here.