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  • September 18, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    Thanks for taking the time to share all this information Kurt! Your introduction is very well written and wowed me from the beginning. It felt inviting and encouraged me to look through your site.
    I appreciate the “user-friendliness” of your menu, it’s very easy to navigate and find anything I may be looking for. I know the menu was tough for format, at least for me, and you did a really great job.

    I agree with our development of stress management, in school we can learn all the tools to manage stress but we cannot put them to use until we are out in the clinic in the situation. I agree that VCU has prepared us well with an abundance of knowledge, a toolkit filled with resources and many opportunities in the clinic to be able to effectively manage any situations once we are practicing clinicians.

    I like that you talked about how CSM helped you to identify the field of PT that most interests you. I think that until we experience the different fields it is hard to narrow our interests but CSM allowed us to learn in depth about the fields, interact with current leaders of those fields and learn about the most up to date research that is influencing the development of each field.

    What sparked your interest in the sports med/ortho?

  • November 20, 2019 at 6:57 pm

    Kurt –
    Your site is well constructed and I enjoyed reading it. The format made it easy to locate the posts. You have a couple photos/graphics that make it interesting to review and the addition of a few more would really make it come alive.

    You provided several insightful posts reflecting on your growth and development over the past few years. I think that you have good goals to guide your first few years as a clinician. I hope that you will achieve them and more!

    I wish you all the best as you move forward along your PT path. I feel certain that our paths will cross and I look forward to learning updates from you.

    Best of luck!


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