Recently we read The Adventure of Gloria ScottĀ  and it felt like I was reading a story, inside a story, INSIDE another story. On top of that, I wondered how reliable Holme’s recounting of this event was. I know we are supposed to regard Sherlock Holmes as being a very factual and reliable person, but as I read him narrate his story I wondered if there could have been any bias to his story. Yes I believe the crime and the victims/perpetrators were accurate and the story was told in order, but I wondered if what Holmes recounted on the things said between all the characters was exactly right or just along the lines of what they said. The entire story is following Sherlock telling Watson about a past case but then he speaks on behalf of so many different characters that this thought made it a little hard for me to trust 100% of what he was saying. Also while the story is being reported from Holmes point of view, at some point things begin to be described in 3rd person, for example, “‘He spoke now in a half jesting fashion, but a look of terror still lurked at the back of his eyes.'” (Scott). Is this what Holmes says to Watson about how old Trevor reacted to his observational abilities. I don’t think I have ever read a story with so many different narrations rolled up in one but it was like riding a roller coaster and I enjoyed it.