I sort of assumed the movie was going to be exactly like the book, I think because it was an older movie, I had a bias that the Sherlock mystery would be made that way. Like the movie creators wouldn’t be able to change it up much. But instead of change it, they just didn’t omit certain details that were played out more fully in the novel.  For example I was waiting for the scene when Mrs. Stapleton would confront Watson thinking he was Sir Henry and warn him to get away from the property like in the story, but instead she ends up really talking to Sir Henry himself and instead of pleading him to go she only lightly suggests it. Another more shocking detail to me concerning the movie was that Mrs. Stapleton didn’t end up being Mr. Stapleton’s secret wife, but rather his real sister! That one I was a bit disappointed in to be honest, but I guess for viewer consumption (not that I really know what was taboo or not during the time of the movies conception) maybe having a weird secret incest thing wasn’t something that would sell well to the public. Another thing I was disappointed not to see was Sherlock’s concern over Watson’s safety when he volunteers his own friend to accompany Sir Henry. At first I thought maybe the movie creator wasn’t interesting in showing the “suggestive” queer nature of these two characters but then later when Sherlock and Watson reunite in that little cave, they walk out together arm in arm. Well more like Sherlock is holding onto Watson’s arm but still. I don’t know but in the movie Watson really looks like Sherlocks little sidekick, running around doing the dirty work for him all the while being kept in the dark. It was much different than the more friendly and intimate relationship we have read them to have. I don’t think this movie did Watson any favors which is kinda sad but not very surprising.